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Get a Chiltons manual and it will walk you throught step by step or check out or Best Rather try just saying pry covers off speakers in rear carefully. Etc. I have bought one new and am doing that so I will post an actual answer not check a manual! Nice try in future please post actual answers and not obvious things like manuals which I am sure this user knew about just didnt want to have to purchase one for something this simple.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:24:33
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Q: How do you change the rear 65 speakers in your 1998 Nissan 200SX SE?
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What are the mileage intervals to change the timing belt on a 1998 Nissan 1998 Nissan 200sx?

== == 100,000 miles

How much horsepower does a 1998 200sx Nissan have?


Where can you get a vacuum hose routing diagram fr a 1998 Nissan 200sx se-r?

You can get a vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1998 Nissan 200SX SE-R from the dealership. You can also order one from the auto parts store.

How do you change brake pads on 1998 Nissan Quest?

How to change rear brakes on 1998 Nissan quest

Where is the started located on a 1998 Nissan 200sx?

mine is a 2.0L and starter is under the intake manifold....hope that helps

What size are speakers in door for 1998 Nissan Micra?

They are 165mm size

What size are the speakers in a 1998 Nissan Frontier?

From what I can find out, it seems to be 6.5".

Where is the pull lever to pop open gas tank on a 1998 Nissan 200sx?

On the floor between driverside seat and door.

Where is the ecu located in the 1998 Nissan 200sx se-r?

Behind the radio mounted to the floor board and firewall

What size is the rear speakers in a 98 Nissan maxima?

The 1998 Nissan Maxima rear speakers measure five inches by seven inches. There will be to rear speakers, one speaker on each side of the passenger cabin.

What size speakers fit a 1998 Nissan Sentra GXE?


Where is the oil filter located on a 1998 Nissan 200SX?

I got a 1997 Nissan 200sx and I don't think its that much diffrent. On mine I had to lift it because you cant see it from just opening the hood. Its on the passengers side, facing the firewall. its really hidden in there. And its kind of hard to take it of.

Where is the starter located on a 1998 Nissan 200sx manual transmission?

I just replaced the starter on my 1998 200sx SE-R. You have to remove the intake manifold, and you will see it right under/behind there. You may as well replace the knock sensor while you are in there. About a 2 hour job altogether.

Change the starter on a Nissan Serena?

where is the starter located on a 1998 Nissan sentra

How do you change a rear brake light on a 1998 Nissan frontier four cylinder?

how to change a rear break light on a 1998 nissan frontier four cylinder?

How do you change the front left corner light on a 1998 Nissan 200sx?

All you need is a Phillips screwdriver. Under the hood by the driver's side headlight is a Phillips head screw. unscrew it and gently pull the corner light straight out. Then unplug it.

Where is the air temperature sensor on a 1998 Nissan 200SX 1.6 motor?

Check at the air filter box. The plug at the throttle body is probably your idle control motor.

What is the disc inside your distributor called you have a 1998 200sx?

The rotor.

Where can someone find a dealer to test drive the 200 SX?

The Nissan 200SX was produced in the United States and Canada from 1984 to 1998. One can search for used car dealers which have the 200SX in stock on AutoTrader. Once the desired car has been located, a test drive can be arranged with the dealer who is selling it.

How do you change clutch cable on 1998 Nissan 200sx How do improve engine acceleration on 1998 Nissan 200sx 1.6L?

the cluth cable is attached to the very top and back side of the clutch pedal by a small hook. Simply slide the hook end of the new cable to it. the other end goes through the firewall located by the stering colume. Attach the other end of the cable w/ the adjustible threaded side to the release lever located on the transmission housing top side. Tighten down the cable w/ a 10mm wrench until the cable is tight anbd your done

Where is the fusebox in a 1998 Nissan 200sx?

The internal fuse box is located on the driver side, just under the dash. This vehicle also has external fuses next to the car battery-in front of & to the right of battery.

Is it difficult to change the oil filter on a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder?

no only two minutes

How do you change spark plugs on a 95 Nissan Maxima?

I changed the spark plugs on a 1998 Nissan maxima se with the instructions from the car manual. It tellsyou exactly how to change them and it has pictures.

Where are the rear speakers in a 1998 Nissan 240sx?

behind the rear passengers head on the rear deck. you can see it looking through the rear windshield from the outside.

1998 200sx when decelerating the car starts jerking until you give it gas again. anybody know how to stop this?

Change the PCV valve, it helps and or eliminates this. I have a 96 200sx ser change the PCV valve it helps or eliminates this problem. This helps also on 95-2000 sentras including the 2.0L