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On some vans it is easiest to get to them from the bottom.

I am not a mechanic.... just a simple house wife that did alot of research & relayed that info to my husband to fix our 02 Santa Fe V6 2.7 L..... However I you.

On an 02 Santa Fe the 1st (3) plugs r easy to c & get to, the back (3) r able to be done by any do it yourselfer but are more of a pain then anything.....Take the brackets off & anything attached to them...Take the intake manifold or the plentum (same thing it's just a matter of choice words) take that off. May b a couple of other small things.... Then u can get to them. After we replaced ours (2) days later my husband was driving home from work & the car took over & began to rev it's engine up to 6000 rpms.... he tried pullin over.... turned off the car.... started it again nothing.... finally it slowered to 25oo rpms & he made it home.... "Be careful that u don't knock out any of the cables out of there groove!" We called Advance Auto & just so happen to get a mechanic on the phone & he told us to fix our engine reving problem we simply need to go back in & put the cable (in our case it was the fuel cable) back in it's groove. It took my husband 5 mins..... & it was fixed.... no problems since. The back (3) plugs r a pain & u may get frustrated & start pushin stuff out of ur way & not realize that u have moved a cable.... Just b careful..... Good Luck U Can Do It!

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Q: How do you change the rear spark plugs on a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe V6?
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