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You can do multiple thnigs. You don't just upgrade to have cool parts in your gun. You can do three things with upgrading:

- Upgrade to increase FPS

- Upgrade to increase speed (ROF)

- Upgrade to provide better air flow

When you upgrade for speed or FPS though, you can't just throw in the part that will get you want you want. For example, to upgrade FPS, you want to put in a bigger spring. But you can't do just that. You would have to upgrade to metal bushings as well. When one part gets upgraded, certain other parts need upgraded as well, if that makes sense.

But the HOW part would be disassemble the gun yourself or send it in to a tech to put upgrade parts in.

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You're going to need to get to the gearbox and work from there. Please don't do this yourself. Find someone who will upgrade the spring for you. Airsoft GI will do it

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Contact the maker

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Q: How do you change the spring on an airsoft m16?
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