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How do you change the stop light bulb on a 2001 Toyota Echo?


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2008-12-15 17:41:37
2008-12-15 17:41:37

Look in the trunk, there is cover for the brake light, remove and you will have access to change the bulb.


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In the gas tank. I have 2001 Echo.

2001 Toyota Echo doesn't have a timing belt. follow this DIY

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Look in the trunk, there is a cover over the light assembly - open and you will have access to change the light.

Which bulb are you trying to change?

hi i have smal question,how to change thermostat in Toyota echo 2000 thanks

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For my 2002 Echo it is 3.7 Liters with a filter change.

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When the fule light comes on, you have about 2 gallons of gas left (about 60 miles). I ran out of gas one time, and now my light comes on when I have one gallon left, so I have to refuel right away. Also, you can find a manuel from any Toyota Dealer.

Its a chain drive so no need to worry about anything related to timing belt ;) Cheers

1.check the fuses under the dash 2. check the bulbs. 3. Check the dimmer knob. If it is the bulb it is easy to change. takes a couple of minutes. check the post on how to change the dash lights on a Toyota echo.

In the red cover on the positive terminal of the battery.

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it dont have to, change your brake shoes/pads every 30000 miles or whatever

Toyota Echos have a timing chain rather than a timing belt so there is no need to change it.

If you are asking if you can tow with a Toyota echo, the answer is yes. See related link for a video of a Toyota Echo towing a small trailer (and off roading).

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