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The Toshiba 46sI412u is already a 1080p LED TV. If you are using this TV with a cable box, you need to do fix the picture quality on the cable box. Some cable boxes will automatically detect the picture quality.

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Q: How do you change to 1080p on a toshiba 46sl412u?
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How do you change the settings from 480i to 1080p?

If the HDTV is the 1080p type, it should switch automatically.

Is a 720p 37 inch toshiba tv good for the ps3?

It will work, mine's on a 52 inch 1080P Sony and it's still not the best

what is the average cost of the product Toshiba REGZA Cinema Series 46XV545U 46 in. 1080p LCD HDTV?

The average cost of this product is about 1,500 USD.

What are some brands of full HD 1080p televisions?

HD 1080p televisions are produced by many different companies that range from low end to high end. Toshiba, LG, Samsung and Sony all offer reliable HD 1080p television sets. Coby and Sceptre offer lower to mid tier products.

What's the best bargain on a 37" 1080p television ?

Toshiba's 37" LCD costs less than 600$ at certain online retailers.We can't find another 1080p tv for less. Most are just over $500

How do you change the IR remote receiver in a Toshiba model 27AF42 TV? has the answer under Toshiba 36af42

How do you change 576p to 1080p on ps3?

Before you can change 576p to 1080p on your PS3, you must have a HDMI cable connected and a TV that can display 1080p. The process of changing 576p to 1080p is simple and can easily be done in the Display Settings. In the Display Settings select Video Output Settings then the HDMI connector option and simply follow the automatic options then on.

How do you change a toshiba into an apple?

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How do you change your sharp aquos from 1080i to 1080p?

This is an automatic function of the TV, if it is connected to a decoder box, look for the resolution settings in the box to be sure it is set on 1080p.

What is better 1080p or720 p tv?


How do you change your wallpaper on Toshiba?

Right click then go on desktop properties

How do you change the volume on a canon 1080p fax machine?

It appears that there is no fax machine manufacturer by Canon with model 1080p - usually that model number is used for video recording and playback quality.

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