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How do you change water gto?



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Open radiator drain plug and let drain and on each side of the engine you should have a drain plug that you take out or it's a deal that's like whats on your radiator drain and open them and your block will drain, when all the water has drained you can hook up a garden hose and fill the system and start the car and turn the heater on too and then when the car warms up it will take the water into the engine and you can flush it all out and when you see just clear water running out of the radiator drain and engine drain shut the hose off and the engine and let it all drain again and then close all the drain plugs and fill the radiator with a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze and restart the engine and then fill the radiator as needed as the engine warms up it will take the mixture into the block, just make sure you use a 50/50 mixture to fill the system up.