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How do you change where new windows in Windows XP open?

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Many programs will remember their last position automatically, if they don't, sometimes holding control as you click the X to close it will force it to remember that position.

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To open a new tab in Windows 8.1 click on the application that you want to use.

What is the major change to Windows Vista from Windows XP?

All new Taskbar

Can you change a Windows Vista PC to windows xp?

you can not degrade.. you have to do new installation

I want to change my new laptop from windows 8 to windows xp?

In order to change a laptop from windows 8 to windows xp you will have to go through a few steps. You will first have to uninstall windows 8 then download the widow xp.

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How do you make IE open links in full windows?

If you mean full screen, F11 makes IE full screen. Otherwise you can right click the link and choose "Open in New Window" If you want to change your default to open links in new windows you can go to Tools... Internet Options.... Tabs Settings... Choose open links in new window

How do I change jolicloud partition install to automatically boot into windows and not Jolicloud I don't want to remove Jolicloud just have the default boot set to Windows?

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How do you open Windows 7 God Mode?

You need to make a new folder on your computer to save the file to open Windows 7, GodMode. You can download the script for GodMod from the Microsoft forum.

Is Windows 7 older than Windows XP?

It is Clear that windows 7 is new than windows xp

Can I get a grant for new windows in my home?

Can I get a grant for new windows for my home?

How does Windows XP offer to help you learn about the exciting new features in Windows XP?

Windows XP by Microsoft computers have a tutorial built into them to help a person learn about Windows XP. The sad part is, Windows XP products are deemed obsolete by Microsoft and no longer supported. People who still use Windows XP in there computers are now open to new viral threats because Microsoft no longer monitors them.

How do you change password on windows vita?

It is quite easy to change windows vista password follow the steps given below to change windows login password.Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and then click Change a password.Type your old password, type your new password, type your new password again to confirm it, and then press ENTER.

How do you get Windows 8 on windows 7 Is There An UpDate for it?

Windows 8.1 can be downloaded and installed on a Windows 7 PC, but Windows 8.1 is not an update it is a new operating system. This new operating system can be bought from Microsoft for $119.99.

What is the new Windows operating system going to be called that will replace Windows XP?

Windows 7!

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What hand held unit has windows?

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What is Windows 8?

It is a new type of technology for windows computers

What is reasenDouble click on any drive then drive open in new window?

You have probably configured Windows to open drives and folders in a new window.

When you click on folder it will open with new tab?

If you want to open a folder in a new window (not a tab in windows explorer) then you right click on the folder and click "Open in new window"

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