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It is not possible to change your profile picture to a video.

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Q: How do you change your default picture to a video?
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How can you make a video clip your default picture for MySpace?

You can't, MySpace doesn't allow videos to be your "Default Picture". The closest thing to a video clip is a GIF picture, which can be animated.

How do you change your picture in Cafe World on Facebook?

Change your default picture on facebook

How do you change your default picture on facebook?

Go to your profile, and then hover over your picture. Then click change profile picture.

How can you remove the image from your profile?

if you want it removed permanently, then you delete. if you want to change your default to another picture, then you go to the picture you want, and click default picture. (:

How do you change your default pic on MySpace?

to change your default on myspace u go 2 photos and then go 2 a tab that says edit photos. click on the photo that u want as a default and when its enlarged click default picture on the top to use it as a default

How do you make your MySpace default picture flash?

how do you get your default picture to flash

How do you change the picture duration in Windows Movie Maker?

To change the duration default for photos/pictures:> Click on Tools, Options and the Advanced tab> Beside Picture Duration, increase or decrease the 'seconds' to the desired timeThis Duration Default for pictures will be applied to each slide/picture in your video. The maximum Default Duration for Pictures is 30 seconds (minimum 0.125). If you want clips to show longer than that you will have to manually drag them along the time-line.Just remember to Restore All Defaults when you are done, or the setting will be applied to future projects.

How do you post a default picture on you-tube?

#1. Click on "My account" or simply "Account" #2. Right Below the default picture you already have, you will see a link called "change" click on that link. #3. press the browse button and it will promt you to your computer pictures and choose which picture you want to have as your default picture. #4. Press ok and you're done

What is a default picture on facebook?

A default picture is a picture that is there before you put your own picture. On Facebook this is the blank guy where you only see is shoulders and head.

Can you change the wallpaper on a 6th generation ipod nano to a picture?

No, you can't. Only the default wallpapers can be used.

How do you change MySpace picture to another one?

Go to edit your pictures, choose the one you want, then hit the button that saids set as default it's abobe your picture

Why is it that on Xbox 360 when you change your gamer pic it shows for you that you did but for friends and yourself when you look on Xboxcom it is still the default picture?


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