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You need to remove the head light, which is rather simple, and reach through the opening from the head light to replace the light bulb for the blinker.

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Q: How do you change your front blinkers on a 98 Taurus?
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How long do it take to change water pump in 98 Taurus?

3 to 4 hours

Can 98 Ford Taurus station wagon struts fit on 01 Ford Taurus SE?

If you mean front strut, yes, they are the same. Rear are different between wagon and sedan.

How do you change a front signal light on a 98 Acura RL?

How do you change front signal bulb on 2000 acura RL

How do you change the front bumper on a Suzuki Baleno?

It depends on the year of your Baleno, is it 95-98 or 98-01?

98 Mazda protege blinkers wont work?

Replace the Flasher Relay.

How do you change the gauge light in a 98 ford Taurus se?

To change the gauge lights on a 1998 Ford Taurus SE, the dash cover has to be removed to access the burned out bulbs. There are screws and clips holding the dash cover on.

Where is the fuse box under the hood for 98 Ford Taurus?

On a 1998 Ford Taurus : The power distribution box ( which is " live " ) is located at the front of the engine compartment , near the battery

Change front wheel bearing on 1998 mercury mountaineer?

how do you change wheel bearing on 98 mercury mountaineer

Will a super charger from a91 sho fit on a 98 Taurus?

Depends what model and year of Taurus and which engine it has.

How much of my car do i have to left to put 22'inch wheels on a 98 Ford Taurus?

How much of my car do i have to left to put 22'inch wheels on a 98 ford taurus?"

Where is the temperature sending unit located on a 98 Ford Taurus 3.8L?

The temperature sending unit it on the front of the engine. It is on the top just beside of the water intake.

How do you change front brake pads on a 98 Eclipse?

Get a manual on your car from the parts store.

What cause my98 Ford Taurus to jump while ilding?

My 98 ford Taurus jumps while idlingidling

How do you change the Sway Bar end link on a 98 ford Taurus? Its an easy walkthrough Good Luck!

Will a 98 eclipse front bumper fit a 96 eclipse?

Yes you just have to change the headlights from a 1998 to the 1996 with the bumper change.

Is the fuel pump inside the tank on a 98 Taurus se?

Yes it is.

Do you need special tools to change the front shocks on a 98 expedition?

In order to change the front shocks, you will need a ratchet and socket kit. You will also need some replacement shock absorbers.

Can you run 205-70-r15 tires on your 98 Taurus?

Yes, you can . I have had those and 215/65 R 15 on my 97 Taurus wagon.

Change wiper on 92 Oldsmobile 98?

Be sure to get the correct replacement wiper blades first. The 1992 Olds 98 takes 22" wipers on both sides front.

Where is fuel pump on 98 Taurus?

Mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

What is the value of Taurus 38?


98 Taurus locked in park.replaced brake switch.still locked what do I do now?

its in your transmission

Can you put a turbo on your 98 Taurus v6?

yes because i have it yes because i have it

Ford 3.0L valve clearance?

Whats the valve clerance on a 98 taurus?

How do you replace 98 Ford Taurus turn signal?

Turn signal what: front bulb; rear bulb; flasher unit; fuse???See "Related Questions" below for each

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