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What I think is that if you have already found out that everything you have been taught isn't true, you are already changing your mentality, because you have accepted that you have been taught wrongly.

Now I ask you, in what world have you been living in? Everything you have been taught is a lie...? that cannot be true, right? I mean.. Of course you must have been at school, youre parents must have taught some things, you must have found out things on your own to realize that you do have some knowledge, credible knowledge. Dont underestimate yourself just because one thing they have taught you isn't true, what you must do is try to find out the truth about that thing.

I wish you good luck!! Keep looking, keep studying and try to know more and more about the world that surrounds you :) *


Welcome to the club.. My answer is to forgive and to forget... Forgiving without forgetting are mere words and is not forgiving at all. Don't blame whomever taught you what you perceives to be false, because their conditioning made them believe that what they're "sharing' are true..

AnswerOfcourse there will be disappointment but look at the bright side..These people cared about you so much that they didn't want to hurt you. Even though what they thought would protect you backfired and you got more hurt later on.. I don't know your situation or if any of these words can help you in any way but if you love these people you continue on..Forgive least try to..If your childhood was a happy one then it wasn't false..Your experiences wasn't false. They were all real.Each and every ONE experience was REAL. You really did live those things. They are YOUR memories..So think of your past as a fortunate one:all the positive things that happened, things you are greatful about, after all they were all real. It wasn't a dream. Past is past you can't change it..But you can change the present and accept the 'reality'( this can be what you make of it, anything can be real if you just believe) move on...Enjoy your life while you have it.You deserve it. !! Answer to changesI went to Christian counselors until I found one I really liked so I could talk to them about what was troubling me. I also prayed alot, honestly and poured my heart out in my prayers. I forgave alot of people (over and over if necessary). And I beat on the seat of my motorcyle to release anger (out in the forest so I wouldn't look crazy in public).
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Q: How do you change your own mentality when you find out that everything you were taught growing up was nothing but a false reality?
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