How do you change your password on Foo Pets?

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kill your foo pet
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How do you delete your Foo Pets account?

Click "Profile" in the top tabs and then "Edit Preferences" at thetop right. Then click "Delete your account" at the bottom. It'llask if you want to delete your account and why (explaining isoptional). And then just click "Delete my account" again. You'llalso get an e-mail confirming this, which you ( Full Answer )

How do you delete a foo pets account?

first you go to your profile then you go all the way down the page and on the bottom it says delete your profile and that's it!

How do you get foo dollars on foo pets?

Buy them All you have to do is go to the bank and buy them,it takes real money though,and Foopets is a fun game and all,but I wouldn't recommend buying Foodollars. earn them you can play games to get them and you can get them from gwallet and take surveys,watch vids.

How you foo pet goes to sleep?

you dont play with them for a few minutes and after the few minutes your foopet should have fallen asleep!

What can you sell on foo pets to get foodollars?

Really you may sell just about anything. But it depends on the price on whether people might actually buy it or not. If you are selling something, make sure it's a little lower than original price, because it's used.

What are Foo Pets?

Foo pets are virtual, online pets that are designed to be just like the real thing. You have to feed it everyday, you can bathe it, and even clean up after it. It's very fun.

How do you get litter license on foo pets?

You go to the foo mart go to breding supplies by used or new if you have foo dollars you can buy it new if you have only foo gems buy used. Then you have a litter license.

Can you play foo pets for free?

Yes! You can't buy things with foodollars but you can buy neat things with foogems! i dont know i want to know

What do you have to do to get foo bucks on foo pets?

If you are planning on having some secret way to get free foodollars there isn't one. I hate to tell you. But I did find an ad where you can download or print things and it will send free foodollars to your account. This actually works. Another way is buy the packs and they give you so many foodolla ( Full Answer )

How do you sell items on foo pets?

First you need to make sure that you item is not in a background if it is take it out. Then click the profile tab and click inventory and click your item. Next just simply hit the sell item button and set your price.(there you go) :)

Does Foo pets cost real money?

Yes they cost money. Stinks doesn't it. I guess the people on foopets are just greedy. Like seriously you have to pay to get a fake dog on the computer just to learn the responsibilities of keeping a pet. I wanted to get one and i saw that it costed money. it was such a rip off.:(

Do foo pets get bigger?

Foo pets as puppies are a lot smaller then they are as adults however once the puppies are weaned they look just like adults.

Should you go to sleep when you have a foo pet?

Of course!!! Just make sure you feed it throughout the day. (I feed mine twice a day.) Let it go potty as much as you want, and play with it and let it have drinks.

Is foo pets good?

Foo pets is not good because I didn't even do anything it just x out.That's stupid.**** you Foo pets!!! Really? Sorry 2 hear. Be my friend on FooPets! wapples is my username

How do send a litter license to another person on foo-pets?

Go to inventory and it should show Litter License. Under the item there should be two blue buttons. One should say Gift To A Friend and the other says Sell This Item. Choose Gift To A Friend. Then select the friend you want to send it to. Type a gift message (optional). Finally click Send to friend ( Full Answer )

Where is the foo kennel in foo pets?

Sometimes while your playing it will say something about a foo kennel will show up at the bott9om of the screen and click it. Enrollment is is 10 foo dollars or 200 foo gems a day. There is an area on the profile and on the insta-care button that will lead you to the foo kennel. If you leave your pe ( Full Answer )

How do you dress your pet in foo pets?

You first go to the bottom of the screen then click on fooboutique. They will bring you to a place where you can buy and put on clothes.

Is Foo Pets free?

From what i can gleem, yes it is, as long as you get your pet from the shelter p.s. go to

How do you upload a pic on foo pets?

well u go 2 ur profile and it says upload picture i hope this info can help! :) also add me! my name is albaniarules

Do they sell foo pet membership cards in stores?

No they do not well of what i know anyway i was wondering the same thing but then i checked all over the website and there was no places to type the code or anything so im guessing like i said no :(

How do you get a lot of star points on foo pets?

I hear that alot people say that you can get 20,000 star points by spay/neuter your pets, but it isn't really right to do it just because you want points. 09/20/2012 That rule no longer applies, it was discontinued over a year ago.

How do you clean the cats litter box on foo pets?

well its easy all you have to do is get a scooper and a bag like a shoprite bag or something like that and pick up the poop with the scooper and put it in the bag and if its really stinky and dirty dump the litter in the bag and sometimes it will be very dirty so wash it then dry it and then you put ( Full Answer )

Is there another website like foo pets but for free?

Ok so there are two options 1 there a website called dogzer the only one problem is that it's just a picture so it does get boring very quickly the 2nd option is if you really want a foopet then work at the shelter then in 30 days you can have a FREE foopet enjoy!

Are there any websites like foo pets but free?

There is you need to be a member to buy most clothes but its still really fun. Im not really sure if you have to be a member or not to buy clothes but that's fun too. Both websites are safe.

Is foo pets free all the time?

It has sadly to many loving members Become a Pay to Play Website. They are being asked to add a "Free Member" feature where these free members can play to test out the site and continue to play for free with limited access or buy a membership! A few of my friends asked a similar questions like this, ( Full Answer )

How do you set up a fashion show on foo pets 2011?

First you have to go to the foo Boutique and buy your outfits you want to compete in then it should say somewhere to enter fashion show then you win lots of FD and Fgs have fun!

Is there a cheat for not having to pay to adopt a foo pets?

No there is no way to at all, It would be illegal to try ANY way to get into the site without paying as it is required. I have recently been a member on Foopets and well, It's a great experience, and quite a few members are asking to allow a "Free" member option, with limited ability on the site.

How much money is foo pets?

i am very sorry who ever this is but no the people of foopets are getting a little greedy and you have to pay now you have to pay at LEAST $5.00 i think people should start complaining and maybe but a very slim chance people that dont have the money dont have to pay any more like when they started y ( Full Answer )

What is the home page in Foo Pets?

The Home page is Basicly now a days, The Play Page where you play with your pets! It's the first place you are at when you log on.

Is foo pets bad for the mouse?

Nope, I always got on foopets before they made you pay for it.. It doesn't give you a virus or anything. It's a safe site it won't mess up anything.

Why do foo pets com want money now?

Basicly, it's not easy to run a website like Foopets. It ain't free either. Many workers and engineers are needed. It's a website like no other, an well, with the amount of coding, if the website were free, it would be very glitchy and possiby shut down. I know most people cannot afford it, but I my ( Full Answer )

How do you stop the billing membership on foo pets?

How we stop is do not play on foopets till it is were they are losing to much people foopets staff if u are reading this stop ur losing people and ur also making some people start a riot someday we will have it free again to the people who need foopets don't give up its only June 2012 we have many m ( Full Answer )

How do you join foo pets?

Well to sigh up for Foopets you have to put in your pets name,Email Address,And Finally Pay for Membership Thats one way to sigh up for foopets

Does foo pets try to steal money from you?

No. They don't steal your money they are a trusted site and anyone who says they steal is a lier because they are a Verry high trusted site. If they said they do they are mad because foopets made them close their account down because they don't pay so remember there people who go on a strike for foo ( Full Answer )

How do you i get to the foo pets arcade?

so you log into your foopets and scroll all the way down to the bottom youll see a lot of blue links click the blue link that says "games" and click it

What is a dream foo pet?

It is a foopets (from that has certain traits that a person would do anything to buy.