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This is an automatic function of the TV, if it is connected to a decoder box, look for the resolution settings in the box to be sure it is set on 1080p.

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Q: How do you change your sharp aquos from 1080i to 1080p?
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What are the specification of the Sharp Aquos 42?

The Sharp Aquos 42 is a flat panel 42 inch screen television. It comes with a stand, has a resolution of 1680 x 1050, an image display of 1080i and weighs about 15 pounds.

How do you change sharp Aquos from 1080i to 1080p?

1080p and 1080i both refer to the format of a video signal. Any HD television will receive the signal and display it. If the television reports the signal standard being received, it will let you know what the signal is. Therefore, the television cannot be changed from one standard to another as it simply handles the incoming signal. Currently, broadcast HD signals are almost exclusively 1080i with a few formatted as 720p. Both are considered full HD even though the resolutions are different. 1080p is found on some local sources such as games consoles and Bluray players but has not yet made it to mainstream broadcast services.

What type of tv do you need to get the maximum use of a PS3?

That would be the SHARP LC32GP3B 32-Inch AQUOS 1080p Gaming LCD TV that is best for gaming. PS3 has 1080p resolution.So to see that resolution fully you need a 1080p television.

What is the best brand of LCD for playing video games?

i am using a Sharp Aquos 42" LCD with my xbox360 in 1080P and resident evil 5 looks amazing.

Where can one purchase a 32'' Sharp Aquos?

A 32" Sharp Aquos is an LCD television. When looking to purchase a 32" Sharp Aquos, you can locate them at Best Buy, Sears, Next tag, and Amazon's online selection.

Where can one purchase a Sharp Aquos television?

The Sharp Aquos Television can be found at many popular stores such as Sears and Best Buy. Amazon also offers the Sharp Aquos Television. It can also be found at Walmart.

When was Blue Man Group Sharp Aquos Theatre created?

Blue Man Group Sharp Aquos Theatre was created in 2007.

What are the att Uverse remote control codes for Sharp Aquos TV?

Try code 1071. It worked for my sharp aquos 60" tv.

What song is in the Aquos Sharp commercial?

The name of the song that is playing on the Sharp Aquos Liquid commercial is More to See. It is performed by Jonathon Elias.

What is the difference between sharp lcd and sharp aquos lcd?

Aquos is Sharp's top of the line LCD TVs. It has better picture and better features than their regular Sharp LCD TVs.

What are the release dates for Sharp Aquos 500 - 2007 TV?

Sharp Aquos 500 - 2007 TV was released on: USA: 2 September 2007

What is the smallest size of sharp aquos television?

Products information on Sharp's website shows that the samllest size of Sharp aquos television is 19".

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