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Q: How do you change your skin colour of your charicter on Cafe World?
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How do you change your picture in Cafe World on Facebook?

Change your default picture on facebook

How do you accept gifts on cafe world?

wats cafe world

How do you change your skin or hair color in Poptropica?

if you go into islands such as early poptropica you will be able to change your skin colour with rainbow balloons on main street and if you go into islands such as 24 carrot and go in the cafe you can make your own drink you character will drink it and your hair will change colour

When was One World Cafe created?

One World Cafe was created in 2003.

What are games like cafe world?

Cafe World was a popular Zynga game. The game is no longer active. A few games like Cafe World are Chefville, Zombie Cafe, and Flo's Diner.

In the game Cafe World do you get Cafe Points if you expand your cafe?

AnswerNo, when you expand your cafe, you need to give out Cafe Coins, or Cafe Cash to buy the expansion, and you do not receive Cafe Points in return.

How do you put your pic on cafe world?

you dont you take pics if yourself (your player) on cafe world.

Is there any game similar to Cafe World?

Tinier Cafe is very similar to Cafe World on Facebook. (Both require a Facebook account to play.)

Can you make more than one cafe on Cafe World?

You can't

How do you get a garden on Cafe World facebook?

You can't . Your thinking of cafe life.

How do you get million coins on Cafe World without the Cafe World Cheats Strategy?

go to the dude and say what?

How many points do you get for eggs Benedict in Cafe World?

91 cafe points

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