How do you charge your iPod through your PC?


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To charge your iPod touch, just plug one end of the USB cable(ipod should have came with one) into your ipod and the other end into a USB port on your computer. Your computer must be turned on to charge your ipod.

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if you mean viewing your PC from your iPod, there is. the easiest, i believe, is called splashtop. it has an app for your iPod, and will let you use your PC through your iPod. You will also need to download software for your PC, which is on splashtop's website.

To charge a Ipod touch, you need a little plug that comes with it, you plug this plug into your PC and attach your ipod to the other end. You can also charge a Ipod by bying a mains charger. Thats what I use!   Hope I helped :D

You need to use iTunes (or winamp) and a PC to put music onto your iPod first. You can charge your iPod by plugging it into just about any USB port.

No, the iPod Touch does not charge through the headphone jack. It only charges through the bottom port, which is next to the headphone jack.

There is a 30pin USB connector that comes with the unit, it can be used to charge from the PC

Yes, you can still install the iTunes/iPod software, and plug in your iPod, if you have a PC. I have a PC and an iPod.

transfer iPod to PC, PC to another iPod

No, the iPod will not charge if it is off. The iPod must be on for it to charge.

You can buy Apps through the iTunes store on your iPod Touch or through iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

you charge it with the usb cable and with the usb port of your PC or an usb adapter ( you'll have to buy this separately)

They come with a USB cable to charge via your PC or laptop.

download the games on your mac PC, then transfer the game through itunes to your ipod 1g.

its a port to insert usb gadgets or cables to connect them to your pc. for example the ipod charging cable(used to either charge or to syncronize your ipod)

No, you can download songs through iTunes on the iPod touch through WiFi, other than that the only way is through a PC/MAC iTunes

yeah Sherlock you have to charge your iPod for it to work

Yes, the iHome does charge the iPod.

To charge an iPod Touch, use the USB cable that comes with the iPod. Charge by plugging iPod into a computer.

That shouldn't matter. Simply de-authorize the iPod on the Mac, install iTunes on the PC, and authorize the iPod on the PC.

iTunes can be used to connect an iPod to a PC.

There are two ways to charge your iPod:By computerBy a iPod Dock

No, the shuffle dock/charger is connected up to the shuffles ear phones. With the Ipod Touch, you charge/dock connect through an USB Ipod Touch dock connector, the part you plug into the Ipod is not the the ear phone socket. So, basically... No...

You'll have to charge it through your computer or laptop, you should have a cable which will connect you to it.

No you can not over charge an Ipod Touch. sorry

You can't charge an iPod shuffle with no charger.

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