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Q: How do you check balance from lebara SIM?
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Number to check balance on Lebara Mobile?

just call this number *#1345# It will be displayed on screen *#133# for lebara france

How can you transfer credit from one SIM to anothe?

How can you transfer credit from one SIM to anothe with lebara

How can you check lebara mobile number?

Call *#100# and it will display your Lebara number.

How do you unblock lebara sim?

Hi, Hope you're doing fine There can be two cases; 1. Your Phone is Locked - Lebara SIM cards only work on unlocked phones. Make sure your phone is unlocked before using a Lebara SIM 2. You need the PUK number to unlock your SIM. You can either call our customer service or email me at with your details and we can take it from there. Also, if you want us to give you a call just mail me at the above mentioned address and we will be more than delighted to do so. Hope this was helpful Have a wonderful week ahead Regards, Pooja (Lebara Customer Service)

Can you use your boost mobile phone in Pakistan with the same sim or do you have to get a diff simcan you put in another sim or a different sim inside your phone?

When i went to pakistan i used a different sim card called Lebara mobile

How do you get activate blackberry messenger on a blackberry with a lebara sim?

call 40090 and you can get it all done.of it does not work. just call customer support on 5588.

What is the population of Lebara Group?

The population of Lebara Group is 1,400.

What is Lebara Group's population?

Lebara Group's population is 2,011.

How do you check your credit balance on a 3 sim card?

Your account my3 open one with 3 network

When was Lebara Group created?

Lebara Group was created in 2001-09.

Does Lebara Mobile only service the Uk?

Lebara Mobile does only offer service in the UK. If you need mobile services in Canada or the United States you can check out such services as bell, AT&T, Rogers, verizon and many others.

How do you transfer balance from idea sim to airtel sim?