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Charger plugged in but not charging?

All what you need to do is to check your charging system if it is working properly. Second thing you can check your charger-socket and your charger head i mean the transformer.

How do you find your cell phone charger?

Look for the charger under that small couch you have or check behind your toilet.

Can you use an American Nikon charger in the UK?

Check the back of the charger, if it says "100-240volts" than yes.

How do you check the battery of a dodge charger?

Go to autozone and get a free charging system check.

Can you use a 12 volt charger to charge 6 volt batteries in recessive situation?

That really depends on how the charger is made. What would likely happen is that the charger would try to deliver more current than it is designed to. The result would be either a blown fuse or diodes in the charger unless it has protection circuits in it. One thing you could try would be a current limit in series with the charger output. A headlamp in series could work to limit the current to somewhere around 3-6 amps and prevent having an overcurrent situation on the charger. Dad calls the light bulb current limit a "rubber fuse" It will take longer to charge that way and you really need to check the battery voltage often making sure not to exceed about 6.75V Be aware that with this method there is no way for the charger to sense that the battery is fully charged. It will continue to try to push to around 14 volts which will never happen until you cause an open cell in the 6v battery. charger + to headlamp bulb, other side of bulb to battery+ B- to charger- That could get you out of a pinch but you really need a charger designed for 6v charging.

Have a 480v industrial battery charger that still arcs when plugging it in after changing the 3 phase male cord cap the 20a outlet and pulled new wire?

Shut the charger off when you plug the charger into the battery. The low charge on the battery will cause arcing when brought into contact with the charger. If the arcing continues with the charger shut off check the diode bridge in the charger, there may be a blown diode gone to ground. Make sure that the output of the charger is smooth DC at the proper voltage output. If there is a problem with the battery, the over load protection on the charger will trip due to excessive current draw by a faulty battery.

How do you pronounce polyetyhleneimine?

Check spelling. It is polyethyleneimine. Polly ethel een eye mean.

What type of charger do LG phones use?

The type of charger LG phones use depends on the type of LG phone you have. One can always check with their carrier to ensure they get the correct charger.

Your PSP charger or PSP has stopped working you checked your PSP and PSP battery there was nothing wrong how do you check the charger?

Borrow a freinds charger or something, then you will be able to tell if it is the chrager that ain't working

Do cell phones blow up when using them on a charger?

No they don't. If you use the wrong charger it is possible that they can be damaged but they won't blow up. Check that the charger is the right model for your phone and there wo't be a problem.

How much will a 2010 dodge charger probably cost?

Check out

What is a loaded 2006 Dodge Charger SXT worth?

Check out

How much does a 2009 dodge charger cost in 2011?

Check out

Do you need a voltage converter for your laptop?

Check the charger, if the charger says 100-240V you probably do not need one, also check the Hertz (Hz) information (also printed on the charger). This site has good information on the Voltage and Hertz for many countries.

When i turn on my headlights my tail lights do not come on in my 2007 Dodge Charger why?

First check the bulbs then check the fuses.

Why doesn't golf cart charger work?

They have a fuse in them you may want to check that.

Is a generic cell phone car charger from Japan as good as a brand-name?

Yes, as long as a charger has the correct plug type and provides the correct voltage and current (check your cell phones user manual) it should work. Many companies are manufacturing reliable thrid party chargers these days. Still, you should check the ebay sellers feedback rating and return policy before ordering.

Dashboard light w exclamation point on dodge charger?

Check Tire pressure

Why is your laptop only working with the charger on?

Oh, that seems you need to get a new battery to check out.

Can a super charger make a Pontiac gtp check engine light go on?

yes it can

What fuse controls window in 2006 dodge charger sxt?

check your owners manual.

Check to see current employment for spouse?

Check what, where, who?

Why wont your iPod touch charge?

The same thing happened to me you should take it into the apple store usually in this case something in the charger input area is broke or your charger is broke so take your charger and ipod to the apple store and have them check it

Why isn't your PSP charger charging your PSP?

It depends on your charger. First, check to make sure everything is in the correct port, and plug it in. Probably a crossed wire if that doesnt work.

Where can one purchase an iPod Nano car charger?

Amazon has what you need. Depending on what type of generation of iPod Nano you have, you will want to check whether the car charger is compatible with your iPod.