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Q: How do you check my seat confirmation?
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How you check seat confurmation on Kuwait airways through PNR?

I want to check my seat confirmation on Kuwait airways on July 23rd.

You want to check your seat confirmation on Kuwait airways onaug5th?


Southwest Airlines check flight info with confirmation number?


What is the process for booking a flight ticket?

The whole process of this traveler/airline interaction can be divided into five steps: seat booking, ancillary booking, payment, ticket confirmation, check-in and boarding, and baggage reclaim.

Can you give a sentence with confirmation?

Once you book a flight, you need to check your e-mail for a confirmation, telling you we received your information.

How long does it take for a Facebook confirmation?

You can check your facebook right after you created it

What is known as the ramanujan number?

it is 1728. plz check wikipedia for confirmation.

Are there any Catholic confirmation You Tube classes?

Yes, there are Catholic confirmation classes available on YouTube. Many parishes and religious organizations offer video classes for confirmation preparation. You can search for specific channels or videos that cater to Catholic confirmation or check with your local parish for recommendations.

On MySpace how do you confirm email?

Check the email address you gave to them and click on the confirmation link.

What do I check on my 1999 Chevrolet Suburban when the passenger seat does not always heat up?

if it works intermittently, check the wiring/plug connections under the seat. If it never works, change the relay/ and or fuse. also check the plug behind the seat heater button on the door.

Why won't the driver's seat move forward in a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

First check the seat fuse if it is good- then maybe the small motor that controls the seat- Fyi there are more than one motor for controling the different seat possitionings if it is manaul then check the seat rail for something blocking the movement .

Nios regional centre chandigarh admission confirmation of reference no a0509311572?

for check registration no A0511322346