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How do you check scraps in orkut?

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Click at "scrapbook" on the top blue bar.

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How do you increase the scraps in orkut?

Chat more on orkut through scrap

Where could one find scraps and graphics for Orkut?

Scraps and graphics for Orkut can be found in many online places. Some such places are website companies such as Send Scraps, Good Light Scraps Master Greetings and Scraps Planet.

What is an orkut?

orkut is a mail like facebook , twitter etc we can chat, check scraps, messages upload photos , videos etc. it is a very nice chatable thing we should sign up now

What are the tricks specified on the Dark Orkut online service?

Some tricks specified on the Dark Orkut online service include : how to add someone on your Crush list on Okurt, send glitter scraps using Orkut picture scraps application. Another trick is to write your name in stylish Orkut fonts.

How do you read orkut scraps without permission?

by asking password from owner...

S there an easy way to increase scraps in orkut?

Chat more & more with ur friends using scraps & u wil get ur scraps increased

What kind of feature is orkut scraps?

Orkut scraps is the scrapbook feature of Google Inc. owned social networking website Orkut. The feature enables users to write a customized message in anyone's scrapbook, by changing the text color, adding emoticons, images etc.

Is there is any other side to open orkut excluding opwerscrap and orkut?

you can use it through zeetab.com but u san't send scraps through this

How to hide scraps in orkut from everybody?

Orkut privacy feature allows someone to lock scraps from strangers, but there is no official way to lock and hide scraps from your friends. If you have got something personal in your scrapbook or simply want to hide scraps from your friends, you can now do this by using another Orkut feature. Well, you won't be able to hide all your scraps or entire scrapbook from your friends, just a limited no of scraps (though there is no specified limit). We will use Orkut spam feature to hide scraps from our friends. Orkut spam filter is designed to filter all spam looking scraps (scraps with rich text, HTML tag, flash contents, external links, external images etc) and send them to the spam box associated with your profile. This spam box is visible to you only. Now if you intentionally mark a scrap as spam and move it to the spam box, that will get hidden to all of your friends and the scrap will be visible to you only. # Navigate to your Orkut scrapbook. # Select the scrap that you want to hide from friends. # Click on report spam button to move that scrap to your spam box. # Now that scrap will be visible to you only and none of your friends can see it. # You are done.

What is Orkut Scraps all about?

Orkut Scraps is a social networking site. It's main use is to help people find and meet new friends, maintain relationships, and even track down old and long lost friends. It is currently owned and maintained by Google.

How can you hide your scraps from everyone on orkut?

Go to settings > privacy and set "view scrapbook" to "only my friends."

Orkut site is blocked how to view your scraps?

Just go to www.mathtunnel.com and enter orkut.com there........log in and orkut will now not be blocked.Explanation -: mathtunnel.com is a proxy site. So internet filtering programs are not able to block orkut when we go to it through proxy.

How do you see sent messages in orkut?

Check out the related link for information on how to see sent messages in orkut.

What is bom sabado?

Its a kind of worm. Orkut is hacked and flooded with this worm through which many users are getting scraps displaying Bom Sabado!

Why did Etisalat block orkut?

check this link for more details on why etisalt blocks orkut. http://www.etisalat.ae/assets/document/blockcontent.pdf

Who made orkut?

Orkut Büyükkökten is the creator of orkut after which its name is orkut

What is the fullform of orkut?

the Orkut name came from the developer of orkut who is Orkut Buyukkoteu

How do you access blocked orkut?

Blocked Orkuts can't be accessed. You can only access the ones that are public. If you become a friend of that person, you can see any photos, videos or scraps.

Who founded orkut?

Orkut was founded by Orkut Büyükkökten

Why orkut show scrap although you have delete all?

Usually this happens, when PROFILE DOES NOT EXIST ,WHO HAS SCRAPPED YOU & profile does not exist because either the user deleted his orkut account or user account deleted by orkut because no longer use of the account or some voilence of rights by user or may be some other reasons. On this the scrap sent by that user(who does not exist) that SCRAP EXIST IN YOUR SCRAPBOOK BUT DOES NOT AVAIL TO YOU and the scraps counter number will stay the same. There is no way to read or recover those scraps again.IT'S JUST A COUNTER ERROR, its a known issue.

You deleted a scrap in orkut how to get it back?

It isn't possible to retrieve any deleted information from your orkut profile. Once you delete a scrap, testimonial, photo, etc., there is no way to restore that content.You will have to ask your friends to re-send scraps or testimonials, and you can send or upload new scraps, photos, videos, etc. to your profile again.Also note that it isn't possible for us to transfer the contents of a removed or inactive profile to a new profile.

Who is the creator of orkut?

The creator of orkut is the one and only orkut

How to you make an orkut account?

Go to orkut you will get create an orkut account

Who found orkut?

Orkut buyukkoten

Why orkut not shown old scraps in scrapbook?

Orkut has gone crazy. The popularity of Facebook has soared so high that everyone is ignoring Orkut. May b that's the reason as to why Google team is not putting any extra effort to rectify some basic problems in Orkut like - now a days u will not find the option to go back to old Orkut (Previously the option was there at the top) and except a few, all other scraps are not showing. Another problem is - If u visit someone's profile, he will know. This is not good particularly if u want to maintain secrecy. But on the contrary, Facebook capitalised on this problem and that's why Facebook is more popular. In Facebook, u can not know who visited u, but there are some basic restrictions,i.e., u can not visit visit an infinite no. of profiles. There is limitation to some extent which is good.

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