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First, ask the moving company representative if they are licensed/bonded/insured. Don't hesitate to ask for their DOT (Department of Transportation) or FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) number.

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How do you find out if a Moving Company is licensed?

If you are hiring a local moving company then you need to check DOT(Department of Transportation) number, long distance companies required to have MC number. Most states require companies to have DOT number in order to provide local moving services. You can check the license information at protectyourmove gov

What does it cost to hire a moving company in Brooklyn?

Usually, The price of the moving company depends on the distance and the material in which you like to carry. Make sure that hiring cheap movers will results in various problem. Check the following things before hiring any moving company 1. license of the company. 2. insurance of the company. 3. Insurance of the vehicle

How do people know Dracula is a vampire?

All they have to do is check his driver's license and the appropriate box is ticked off.

Who is the Best cross country moving company?

The best would be the company that gives you the best deal and have the highest credibility. You would need to do some homework - compare companies and prices. Things you may want to check out before hiring a moving company are: insurance, who is responsible for any damages, whether there are any transfer of shipment enroute as this can increase the chance of damage. You should also check the status of a moving company's license through the FMCSA website and its credibility through the BBB.

Can you get auto insurance with an out of state license?

This varies by company and state. Check with a local agent.

How can you find a good moving company?

Finding a good moving company that will handle your belongings with care is not an easy task. There are many sites that provide reviews and information on moving companies. It takes a bit more than just choosing a company on some website in order to select the right moving company. Many movers offer a specific type of service on select routes and choosing the wrong mover can create a nightmare. Just because a moving company says they can handle your load does not mean they are the best choice or even a "good moving company". Look for things like current license and insurances. Check the Federal DOT website and investigate a companies driving record.

How do you check for a reputable moving company?

The easiest way to confirm a reputable moving company is to check their online reviews. Sites like Epinions, Kudzu, and Yelp! are great places to find out what previous customers have to say about a moving company. Moving Scam is also a popular forum for discussing and researching moving companies, and is known for letting the public know about scam companies. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau, the Department of Transportation, or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Do I need a liquor license to serve beer at a company picnic?

You will need a liquor license, especially if the picnic is not on land that belongs to you or the company. There are some parks that will not allow alcohol even with a liquor license so you'll have to check the area zoning.

How do you find out if my marriage license was filed with the state of Michigan?

It should be filed with the appropriate county. Check their web site to see if it is available.

Where can I find a van rental company for moving in Green Bay, Wisconsin?

You can find the lots of moving company fo moving Green Bay , Wisconsin online, here is some example you can check on that contact number is (920) 499-8813, also you can check on or

How do you check that a moving company has appropriate moving license?

The answer to this question depends on what state you currently reside and whether your move is local within the same state, long distance within same state or interstate.There are several possible scenarios that require different licensing:Scenario A: You are moving to another state. Whether it is a cross country move (e.g. New York to Los Angeles) or local move just across a river (e.g. New York to New Jersey), your mover is required to have valid US DOT license.Scenario B: Its a move within the same state. Most states require movers to have local DOT license, and getting one is usually not an easy task.

How do you check if the Saudi driving license is valid?

It is written on the license, so you can check there.

Will my insurance company find out I my driver's license was suspended?

Of Course they check your motor vehicle report every 6 months!

How to Interview a Cheap Moving Company?

Before trusting a cheap moving company with personal belongings, homeowners need to interview the company to ensure the cheap prices are not being offered for horrible moving services. Some cheap moving companies operate with very low overhead costs; passing on those savings to customers. Other companies take shortcuts and use faulty equipment to provide cheap moving company services. An in depth interview can give a homeowner some idea of how much the cheap moving company will really cost.Interview Questions and Proper AnswersBooking a cheap moving company requires a detailed background check and interview. During the interview, homeowners need to ask some important questions that could reveal potential problems. Questions include:Is the cheap moving company insured?How much insurance is available to cover replacement costs?Are vehicle maintenance records available?Is the cheap moving company licensed for business?How many movers are included on each move?Are there references for new customers to check?How long has the cheap moving company been in business?How often do movers check in with homeowners?Are all business documents and licenses available for verification?Are movers required to have a background check before employment?After completing the interview with a cheap moving company, homeowners should follow up on all information before booking. Following up may include contacting references and the local Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce.Red Flags When Researching a Cheap Moving CompanyRed flags that a cheap moving company may not be suitable for a homeowner’s move include refusal to answer any question, no background checks for employees and bad references. If license numbers of documents are not available, this is another red flag. Homeowners should never book a cheap moving company that appears to be hiding something. Even if all documents check out, if the homeowner has a bad feeling about the situation, walking away is the best choice.Moving is an exciting adventure for many homeowners, but if a cheap moving company is chosen and that company is not practicing responsible business the homeowner could be left with damaged furniture and personal items and no leg to stand on in a court of law. It can take a few days or a week to research a company fully which is well worth the time when it comes to protecting the most important items in a home.

How do you check if company have legal license?

You can check for various licenses at the county or municipality where the company is doing business. For example, many towns, cities, and counties require a business license. You can also search for business organization filings at your state's Secretary of State Office. Examples of these filings are partnerships, articles of incorporation, or articles of dissolution, among others. Many of these searches can be conducted online. Other types of licenses are those that professionals are required to have, such as lawyers, doctors, barbers, building contractors, or real estate agents, among others. You can search the appropriate state licensing board to learn if someone has a license. For example, for an attorney, you would check with the state Bar Association.

How can you check Saudi driving license?

its writting on the license

How do you check a house cleaners license number?

To check the license of the house cleaners you need their identity numbers . Once you are logged into their website, you can check the license number of the house cleaners.

Will liability insurance cover a bride and groom who serve alcohol at a reception that is not catered by a company with a liquor license?

I doubt it, were I you, I would check this with whatever company you are purchasing this event coverage from.

How does a Commercial and residential janitorial company become licensed and bonded?

You can contact an insurance agent for a bond. As far as the license, I don't believe you need a contractors license for janitorial services, but you can check with the contractors license board in your state for more information.

When you rent a car in Washington state does the rental company check the DMV database if your license appears valid and unpunched?

The computer system checks everyone's license. The rental agent has no control over it. Its automatic

Why do you need to be licensed in landscaping?

Landscaping itself does not require any kind of license. However, you probably need a business license or permit to operate a company. Check with your local chamber of commerce for more info.

Can you find out if someone has a truck driver license?

If they are driving for you or your company he/they will have signed a letter allowing the company to check. If you are really concerned call the police and explain why you are concerned and they will check into it, it is unlikely they will tell you the results, but they will deal with it. And finally call him on it and ask him to show you his licence.

Who owns the copyright to the TV series As Time Goes By?

The first place to check would be the distributor, BBC. If they can't license it, they can direct you to the company that can.

Would a speeding ticket in Maryland by driver with a New Jersey drivers license result in points on the NJ drivers license?

You do get two point for moving violations done out side NJ, with NJ license. Check out the MVC site.

How can you find your husbands old marriage license?

You can check with the Town Clerk that issued the license. You could also check in his divorce file to see if a copy was filed there.You can check with the Town Clerk that issued the license. You could also check in his divorce file to see if a copy was filed there.You can check with the Town Clerk that issued the license. You could also check in his divorce file to see if a copy was filed there.You can check with the Town Clerk that issued the license. You could also check in his divorce file to see if a copy was filed there.