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The 1998 Harley-Davidson motorcycle transmission has a Transmission Fluid dipstick. You can check the transmission fluid in the same way you would check the motor oil.


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You can check the transmission fluid level in your 1998 Chevrolet Corvette with the transmission fluid dipstick. The transmission fluid dipstick will have indicating marks as to the level of the transmission fluid.

The 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 transmission has a fluid capacity of 8.3 quarts. You can check the transmission fluid level with the transmission fluid dipstick.

the car has to be warm running, in park, and level to check the transmission fluid

It is important to check and maintain fluid levels in a car. To check the transmission fluid, a person looks for the red cap under the hood, this is the transmission dipstick.

Under the car, on the transmission itself

you don't have to check, top off, or change transmission fluid on a Jaguar. Their transmissions are manufactured "oiled for life".

A 1998 VW Beetle does not have a dipstick that you can check the transmission fluid with. Instead, there is a fill tube with a red cap on the side of the transmission. Take the red cap off and that is how you check the levels on this type of vehicle.

The transmission is serviced with lifetime fluid and does not have a dipstick. The fluid can be changed by the dealership with a special tool.

Check the dipstick, it will tell what fluid to use in that automatic transmission.

There is no dipstick to check the transmission fluid on a 1998 Cadillac Catera. It can be checked by opening the fill plug on the side of the transmission. If you are at that point you might as well change the fluid if you have over 70000 miles.

Transmission Fluid Level Check Volkswagen Beetle (1998-2010) Our research indicates that your vehicle does not have a transmission fluid dipstick. These types of transmissions are designed to be maintenance free. In order to check the transmission fluid, your vehicle likely has check valve on the bottom of the transmission on the bottom of your car. Your car must be level when the fluid is checked and we therefore recommend having a mechanic with a hydraulic lift or underground bay check your transmission fluid.

The Transmission Fluid Check bolt is in the front right part of the Transmission Pan. This is in regards to a 1998 Chevy Cavalier (since I have one myself) and may not be correct for any other year. This bolt is just to check the fluid level is correct and will not drain the entire Transmission fluid reservoir, you must remove the pan to remove the transmission fluid.

Check level of transmission fluid Change transmission fluid and filter

It is important to check and maintain the fluids of a car. The transmission fluid of a 1998 Chevy Venture can be checked by warming the car, removing the transmission dipstick from under the hood, wiping it off, dipping it back in and removing it to see the level.

Have to have a computer OB VAT Tool or Volkwagen dealer only check. The other way is to check the fluid when the engine is warm . There is a plug on the side of the transmission pan.

you can check by a sight glass tube on the side of the transaxle, it is a sealed transmission! remember if you have more than 100,000 miles on it don't flush the transmission!!!

There is no dipstick. You check the fluid through the fill hole on the side of the case. The fluid should be level with the bottom of the hole.

This is a sealed transmission. It does not have a dip stick. Read the manual. sometimes that sealed transmission leaks by way of the radiator

Check the transmission fluid. From your description, it sounds like it is low.

The transmission dipstick handle is located near the throttle body. The handle will be black.

The 1998 Dodge Avenger has an automatic transmission. The transmission fluid capacity on this vehicle is 9.2 quarts of fluid.

You can use any kind of SAE certified transmission fluid in your 1998 Toyota Corolla. The manufacturer recommends that you never overfill the transmission fluid.

The transmission fluid is located in the transmission.

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