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Choosing a pediatricianI'd start chatting with friends to get recommendations now, and start interviewing as it becomes convenient. Part of it depends on how picky you are. With [our] homebirth, it's hard for us to find supportive pediatricians, so we started early. Lots of people I know didn't start until the last month or two of their pregnancy.

We went with the hospital's choice, as we trust and like the hospital staff. We can always choose a different one later. Perhaps ask friends for suggestions (pro/con) and have the list ready if you need it.

Yourcity.MD is a great website for finding any type on doctor, you can take all of the interview process and read over other's thoughts on various doctors. There are patient testimonials, doctor ratings, and much more. It takes the hassle out of struggling to find a reliable, good doctor and it's all free and less time consuming then doing it in person. It's a very useful and beneficial tool!

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Q: How do you choose a pediatrician?
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