How do you choose the right hair color?


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well, if you have dark eyes you normally would go for light hair , if you have blue/ green eyes you can pretty much go with any colour but , any colour goes really :) . well that's what i think !


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Engage the services of a skilled hair colorist who can determine your natural hair color and then adjust your current color. As your natural color grows out, the line between the color and your natural hair won't be as noticeable.

select the hair, in the foreground color box choose the color desired, under edit menu choose fill. In the fill box choose fill with color in the drop down menu set opacity at 100%, then OK. You may have to tweak your color selection to get exactly what you desire

Right now he has grey hair,when he was younger he had red/brown hair.

He will choose any type of hair color.

if your dark golden hair is colored you will have to use bleach to lighten it. color doesn't lift color. if not, choose the shade of color you would like and just put it on your hair. good luck!

She has blue hair with luminous yellow highlights.

mileys hair color is brown and wavy but she died it black right now its back to brown

Is your hair not behaving the way you would like it to? Try changing up your conditioner. If your hair is weighed down, choose a lighter conditioner. If your hair is frizzy or damaged, you may need a deep-conditioning masque. Conditioner for color-treated hair is not necessary, as conditioner does not have sulfates to begin with. Try conditioning from the ears down to add more volume to your style.

When people have children, they do not get to choose the child's sexual orientation. Just as they cannot choose the child's hair color.

Blonde but it is naturally brown

THere is no rule of how long Africans can grow their hair. It is their choice and right to choose how long they want it.

Not necessarily. If you use the right shampoos, conditioners, etc. you should have perfectly healthy hair.

Yes, but depending on the color you choose the highlights will always be lighter than the rest.

Step one - brush your hair then brush it while bending over. Step two- Choose a side, if you choose right, start brushing your hair to the right into your right hand. Step three- After brushing all your hair to the right, switch hands and use your right hand to brush your hair while holding your hair with your left hand. Step Four- Tie your hair with a hairband =D Note: You can tie up your fringe if you'd like, if the fringe don't stay up. Use a bobby pin =D. And Smile!

if you have blonde hair I would suggest blue, blue-gray, if you are a brunette, practially all colors. if you have black hair, the same. If I haven't put the color under your hair color, just choose what YOU like. Have fun picking your color!

Don't try to match the color of your blue eyes exactly. This approach will only cause your eye shadow color to compete with your baby blues. Instead, choose colors that coordinate with your eye color. This means choosing eye shadow with a blue undertone, including smoky blues, plums, violets, cool taupe and grays tinged with a hint of blue. To choose the right shade, consider the color of your skin and hair. Light-skinned blondes should stay with the lighter shades of eye shadow. On the other hand, blue-eyed women with darker hair and skin will look washed out in lighter colors. If your skin in light and your hair dark, choose medium shades.

brown. she's from nickealodeon right? icarly... ? yeah, i think she has brown hair.

if you are talking about Minho from SHINee ...well his hair is black/dark brown right now~

You just have to grab it by the hair and doggy style it until you get the right color you want

It would depend on if you used the right color to cover the highlights. You could end up with beautiful hair or a color you hate.

They are more or less interchangeable, hair color is a broader term though as it can sometimes refer to hair lighteners like bleach, as well as hair dyes. So hair dye is a type of hair color. Hair color is anything that changes the color of your hair. Hair dye deposits color into your hair.

Dye it another color or let it cOne out by its self or right after getting it it come out the Wong color wash it out fast with a strong shampoo

You would have to get the final upgrade of Tom Nook's store: The Nookingtons. It is because, they have a hair salon. Choose a haircut and for the color, choose the choice warm and pick "Flirty..."

you have to buy these stricks and put it in this thing in roll it on your hair i blue on right now

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