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If I'm not wrong, you do not have to cite it twice on the same paragraph. I would cite it at the end of the paragraph. - if you are citing other things in between, I wold cite it both times on the paragraph.

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Q: How do you cite an author used twice in the same paragraph according to APA?
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You don't have to use quotation marks when you quote an author as long as you cite the author's name at the end of the paragraph?

marlon hamson

How do you cite the American Counseling Association?

how do you cite american counsleing association in a paragraph

What are rhetorical acts of a paragraph?

Rhetorical acts in paragraphs are acknowledgment of sources. It is when you cite your sources in the paragraph along with citing them at the end.

How do you cite an article the has no author just a web address?

how do you cite an article that have no author, just the web address

Do you have to cite evidence in a body paragraph?

If you use any outside evidence in your paper at all, you must cite it. Failing to cite your sources quickly becomes plagiarism. It is especially important to cite in body paragraphs, as the majority of the evidence will be used to prove points in body paragraphs.

With an in text citation if you start a paragraph with Johnson 2000 stated do you still have to cite it at the end of the paragraph?

If you start a sentence with "Johnson (2000) stated...", you would continue with either the exact quote or your paraphrasing. But you do not have to again cite Johnson at the end of that statement. Just include the citation in the bibliography.

Which information would an author need to cite in order to avoid plagiarism-?

A given author will have to cite direct quotes in order to avoid plagiarism.

How do you cite the catechism of the catholic church?

In parentheses you type: CCC and then the paragraph number. So paragraph number 1325 of the Catchism of the Catholic Church would be cited like this: (CCC 1325)

What is an argument paragraph?

A statement that weakens the main point of the author's writing.

How do you cite a paragraph that has both quotes and paraphrasing all from the same source?

When a source states something, whether a word, phrase, or whole paragraph, this gets double quotes. If the quoted material already has double quotes around a word or phrase, change those to single quotes. But make sure you apply your double quotes around the entire paragraph and cite the source(s).

How do you site page and paragraph numbers?

I use the MLA system of citing. To cite a page # you can do it like this : write your sentence that you have quoted, summarised etc. then put the author's last name followed by the page number in brackets after it. e.g. Okonkwo was deeply grieved (Achebe 129). You can also use the author's last name in a sentence then put the page number in brackets at the end of it. Achebe writes that Okonkwo was deeply grieved (129). To cite a paragraph, you follow the same method but instead of the page number you say: author name or essay name if no title then par. # in brackets. You must cite the full bibliography on a "Works Cited page at the end. We encounter the Igbo people at a watershed moment in their history and culture (Smith par. 1).

Do you cite sources in the conclusion paragraph?

There should be few, perhaps none in your conclusion. The conclusion is your recommendations, your findings, your next course of action, etc.