How do you cite sources on WikiAnswers?

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2009-10-23 17:42:53

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For example, if you were to cite the question: What does apa formatting mean?

Cite for reference page:

What does apa formatting mean. (n.d.). In, The world's leading Q&A site. Retrieved October 23, 2009, from


In text, after you write your information, cite by ("What does apa formatting mean", n.d.)

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2009-10-23 17:42:53
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Q: How do you cite sources on WikiAnswers?
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Do you have to cite your sources for WikiAnswers?

You don't have to - but it helps validate your answer if you can include a link to an external source for clarification.

Is there a website that will cite sources for you?

Yes, will cite sources for you.

Do you cite sources on percentages and statistics?

Yes, you must cite sources on percentages and statistics.

When in doubt do you cite?

Yes always cite your sources

How do you cite sources for a bibliography?

you should cite your information of where you got it

Why doesn't WikiAnswers require answerers to cite their sources?

The best practice is for an answerer to cite his or her sources. This can be done by utilizing the Q&A's Related Linksfunction and the superscript formatting tool just like you would use on an essay.It is not required, but it is good practice.It isn't required because some Q&As may be asking for opinions. How would one cite the source of his or her own opinion? Of course, it would be nice to cite the sources with which one used to come to his or her conclusions.There are so many questions and so many answers on this site that it would be impossible for WikiAnswers to require all answers to have sources in order to be published on the site.The reader can also make his or her own decision about the validity of an answer that does not include sources.

Why did wikianswers give the offensive answer because you gay to the simple question why don't you cite sources for your answers?

Anyone can write an answer on WikiAnswers. Unfortunately, sometimes an immature person will write a nonsense answer, or even an offensive answer, to a question, because they find it amusing.

How do you use cite in a sentence?

"The teacher told the students to cite their sources for their report."

How to acknowledge source?

You can: Cite the website or the newspaper (or other sources) where you got it from. Cite the author

What is it called when you don't cite your sources?


How do you cite your sources for phlebotomy?

To site your sources for phelobotomy it depends with the citation that you are using.

How do you cite WikiAnswers as a resource?

I wouldn't, anyone can come in and answer questions incorrectly.

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