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Get a larger tip for your cleaning rod.

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Does glenfield rifles made by marlin have the same micro groove barrel as the marlin?

My Glenfield Model 25 has a micro-groove barrel,so I imagine others do as well.

Where is the serial number for a glenfield model 20?

The serial number on a Glenfield model 20 is located on the left side right behind the barrel on the outside of the breech.

Where can you buy a Glenfield 30A barrel?

Occasionally can be found on eBay. Replacing the barrel on that model requires specialized tools, gauges and considerable gunsmthing ability.

Can a 12 gauge Glenfield Model 778 shotgun be fitted with a slug barrel?

Answer the glenfield by marlin is compatible with marlin 120 12ga barrels are available for the 120 the only difference is the stocks wich are also interchangable the 120 is higher quality I love my glenfieldThat model is obsolete and you are not going to find a slug barrel. If you must use slugs, you can have the existing barrel modified to accept interchangeable choke tubes and use a rifled tube when shooting slugs.

Do you have to lubricate your paint gun barrel after cleaning?

No, do not put any lube in the barrel, but on the threads.

Why is there a smaller barrel on the colt 45 alongside and underneath the main barrel?

There is not.

What is the difference between a ak47 and all the varieties of rifles found in homes all over America?

Could be calilber, could be action type (single shot, bolt, pump, full auto), could be barrel length

Which 22 round does glenfield model 20 fire?

Mine says. short-long & long rifle, right on the barrel.

Whats the value of a marlin glenfield 75c worth?

The Glenfield 75c .22 long rifle is a fine rifle. simple, short, with a squirrel on the handle if you are lucky. they retail used in gun shops (2008) for around $100. I purchased mine in Oregon for $99. The shop had the Glenfield 75, with the longer barrel for $89. I prefer the shorter barrel of the model c, it feels really ballanced and is great for woodland hunting. -whooise

How do you use a cleaning cord for a rifle?

Pull it through the barrel

Will 22 caliber cleaning rod fit down a 177 caliber barrel?

Not usually. The bore diameter of a .177 cal. is smaller. If the rod did fit the bore, the brush or jag wouldn't.

How do you get paper out of a gun barrel?

Ensure the firearm is unloaded and clear, get a cleaning rod and a bore brush, and run it through the barrel.

What is a jag for gun cleaning used for?

A jag is the tip on a cleaning rod that holds a cloth patch for swabbing the inside of the barrel.

Is a Glenfield Mod 75C 22 cal auto the same basic weapon as the Marlin Mod 60 22 cal auto?

The Glenfield model 75C is a carbine variant of the Marlin model 60 produced for 1975 to 1992 by th m Mrlin Firearms Company under the name of Glenfield. Differences include shorter 18 inch barrel compared to the Marlin's 20. Length of pull on the Glenfield is shorter. The Glenfield also has a shorter and lower capacity magazine tube. The Glenfield hold 9 shots in the magazine, while current Marlins hold 15. Nearly all parts are interchangeable, and the Glenfield can be converted to modern full sized Marlin 60 specifications if desired.

How do you remove bolt from a marlin glenfield model 10 rifle?

Open bolt, elevate barrel, pull trigger , catch bolt before it hits the ground

How do you clean a kar98k?

Get a gun cleaning kit. Get the lubricant-cleaner, and polish the whole gun, even the stock. Lubricate the bolt by pulling it out and cleaning it, and take the ramrod out from under the barrel and put a piece of cloth with some cleaner on it and run it through the barrel.

Model 50 glenfield 20gauge what would the barrel be slug or buckshot?

Either. In general, slugs can be fired through any standard shotgun barrel. An exception is for Extra Full Chokes, which are not standard. Best accuracy with slugs in probably modified choke.

Does the instyler curl short hair?

Only the smaller barrel one does

Marlin Glenfield Model 20 22 Cal - exactly where is the Serial Number located on the weapon?

On my model 20 its on the left side of the barrel directly up from the clip.

How can I tell the age of my marlin glenfield model 50 12 gauge bolt action?

write to marlin with any and all writngs/markings on reciever/barrel and serial numbers

Marlin Glenfield 60 serial 1935XXXX Anyone know if this is the newer model style or the older model style?

older because is your tube fed long or short then the barrel mine comes to the top new are short.Your serial number indicates that your Glenfield model 60 was made in the year 1981.

What is the age of a 22 calilber Colt revolver serial 30727 with the number 8 below the serial number?

Need a better deccription. Is it single action(cowboy gun), or is it double action(police gun)? Do you know the model name?(should be on the barrel) More info gets better answers.

How do you replace the barrel after cleaning a colt model 1903 hammerless 380?

Best to ask a gunsmith for help.

Should magnum loads be fired occasionally in all firearms to clean out the barrel?

NO. You clean a barrel with a cleaning kit. Magnum loads are fired only in arms designed for them.

How do you load a super bang roll cap gun?

Right underneath the main barrel is another much smaller barrel. Pull on this barrel and it releases opening the gun so that the caps can be placed.