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You don't. It is very aware of it's hygene and will groom itself. If you wash it, it might die because the natural oils on its body will be washed away. And that is the good thing about hamsters. ;) P.S. If you have a long haired hamster, you will need to have a hamster brush to groom it. That's why if you are a first-timer, you shouldn't purchase a long-haired one for the sake of less work (XD) Actually, what u need to do is buy special spray stuff (cant remember name :-) and use the spray on the hamster, and the cage. Here is a note from my hamster: (put her on keyboard) hizrhpprrrh0k\\affbruyntnt9bwggg,,E^9zykd66-dhenih f6p. Give it up to hammy the female hamster! PS. Visit lakewoodchristiangift :-)

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Are hamsters clean?

Yes, they are clean but only if the owner helps clean their cage and the hamster. If they don't clean the hamster and it's cage, the hamster will become dirty.

How often do you have to clean hamsters?

If you want to clean the hamsters cage then you should probably clean it every couple days but you can not clean a hamster or else the hamster will get a skin problem and it will irritate the hamster.

When can you clean out your hamster cage because your hamster has just had babies?

You can clean out your hamster cage when your hamster babies is at least 3 weeks. You can wait a little longer, just in case.

Is it okay if a long haired hamster drinks from a dwarf hamster bottle?

it is okay for any hamster to drink out of a hamster bottle as long as you clean the bottle.(you should clean it everyday)

How do you clean a teddy bear hamster?

You can't bathe a hamster. They clean themselves. Although if your hamster can't clean him/herself, you can gentally use a slightly damp paper towel and rub him/her gently.

Do you need to clean your hamster ball?

yes you d have to clean your hamster ball. it might have pee in it or just be dirty.

When you clean your hamster cage where can you put it so it dose not runaway?

In a hamster ball.

Do you have to use baby shampoo to wash a hamster?

You dont wash a hamster! They are clean.

Can you clean a hamster with a damp paper towl?

No. Why do you wanna clean your hamster? It can clean itself. Also their fur isent capable of water so they get sick easily. Damp towels most of the times have perfume in it which is really bad for your hamster.

Can you clean a dwarf hamster?

yes you can clean a dwarf hamster.... its possible to do ... all you need is a fine haired brush and a bar of anti-bacterial hamster cleaner and give a good scrub.

When is the best time to clean a hamster cage after giving birth?

Well, after your hamster gives birth you can clean the cage after about two days or a day after birth but when you do clean a round the nest. And I know this because my hamster has given birth three times.

Can you give a teddybear hamster a bath?

you can.... but it is not good for them. your hamster will hate it. they are self clean animals.

Do all hamsters smell?

no, if you keep your hamster and the cage clean your hamster should not smell.

Is it easy or hard to clean hamster tanks?

Hamster cages are probably better because they are easy to clean. Tanks are likely to get dirty and may get discoloured.

If you just got a hamster can you clean it's cage?

yea u can if u just got a hamster u bet go clean that shity cadge

How often should a hamster be cleand?

Never put a hamster in water to clean them. It can kill oils they need to survive. Hamsters can clean themselfs but if you feel like you need to clean them, you can get hamster wipes and lightly wipe then or let them play in chichilla sand, not chinchilla dust though.

What can you do if your hamster stinks?

Ok here is what I would do to my hamster.Give him a really clean home and clean him.

Is it ok to clean a hamster cage while its pregnant or will it upset the hamster?

It should be okay to clean your hamsters' cage when it's pregnant try not to move your hamster around too much and don't disturb it. ope this helps! =)

Where can you buy teddy bear hamster?

At a clean petstore.

How do you get rid of ants in hamster cage?

clean it babe

If the hamster is smelly how do you clean him?

take a cloth and soak it in luke-warm water then ring it out and gently wipe your hamster. do not bath your hamster as they have a fear of water.

How many times a week do you have to clean a hamster?

You don't technically have to clean the hamster itself, only the cage where it presides. The hamster, you'll notice, cleans itself kind of like a cat would. You should clean the cage when it starts getting smelly or you notice that there is a lot food and droppings on the bottom. :)

When can you clean the hamster cage?

You should clean your hamster's cage every couple of days.

What can you do when your hamster dies?

Bury it and mourn your loss. If you want to get another hamster make sure to really clean the cage.

Are hamsters tough?

it really depends what you consider tough...things you must dofeed your hamster a variety of foodgive your hamster treatsclean your hamster cage

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