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How do you clean a hamster?



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You don't. It is very aware of it's hygene and will groom itself. If you wash it, it might die because the natural oils on its body will be washed away. And that is the good thing about hamsters. ;) P.S. If you have a long haired hamster, you will need to have a hamster brush to groom it. That's why if you are a first-timer, you shouldn't purchase a long-haired one for the sake of less work (XD) Actually, what u need to do is buy special spray stuff (cant remember name :-) and use the spray on the hamster, and the cage. Here is a note from my hamster: (put her on keyboard) hizrhpprrrh0k\\affbruyntnt9bwggg,,E^9zykd66-dhenih f6p. Give it up to hammy the female hamster! PS. Visit lakewoodchristiangift :-)