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Cleaning Foggy Headlights
Fog is a description used to describe oxidation that sits on the surface of Plastic headlights. It comes from the UV layer deteriorating because of exposure to the elements. The only way to clean the headlight is to first remove the decomposed plastic then put on a new coat of protectant.

There are several ways to do this. The easiest is to have a professional come out and clean your headlight lens. The next is to purchase a kit designed for that purpose. Some kits require the use of a drill or a buffer, some do not. Search "headlight lens cleaner" on the internet for the options available. The most expensive is to replace the headlight lens.
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2009-12-14 15:15:07
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Q: How do you clean foggy headlights?
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Is there a headlight restoration service to correct foggy headlights?

Fix My Headlights is a great place to go to correct foggy headlights. They are very trusted and can do a very good job. I do not know anyone who has used it but it seems good.

Why are Buick lesabre headlights dim?

Could be bad headlights, foggy or dirty headlight casing, poor power output (bad battery or alternator).

Should you use high-beam headlights to see and be seen even in a foggy situation?

No, you should not use high-beam headlights at all in heavy fog.

Can you clean the glass on inside headlights Audi a6?

Can you clean the glass on inside headlights audi a6?

When driving in foggy weather the driver should overdrive their headlights and travel at dramatically higher speeds?


Should high-beam headlights be used and foggy conditions?

No. Either use your regular headlights since they help other drivers see you. Also, slow down.

Can you use high beam lights on foggy condition?

Full beam lights in foggy conditions will reflect the light directly back at the driver. Dipped headlights should be used instead.

What will happen if there is no Rudolph on christmas?

Well if it isn't foggy, Santa can still fly, but if it is, he might have to install headlights or radar.

Why cant you see the car but could see the headlight beems in a foggy night?

The headlights are brighter than the car.

When driving in foggy weather you should turn on your headlights high beam parking lights low beam?

low beam

Why are headlight beams more visible on foggy night than on clear night?

Light from your headlights goes out from the lamps with no material to hit until it reaches the ground or an object in front of you. In foggy weather there are millions of tiny water droplets in the air. Some of these droplets reflect the headlight beams and shows us the overall path. This is what causes that overall path of your headlights showing up so well on a foggy evening.

When driving in foggy weather you should turn on your headlights.?

Yes, when driving in foggy conditions you should use your headlights which allows oncoming drivers to see you at the earliest possible moment. However, for safety, you should not use your highbeams [bright] as the fog will reflect back much of the light, reducing your ability to see into [through] the fog.

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