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There are many different cleaners that you can buy to clean a cook top. Some people use razor blades to gently scrape the burnt food off of surfaces.

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How do you clean gas cooktop?

well it depends on the cooktop some people clean it with ajax it makes it shiney and it smells good so if you have to clean your cook top just use a ajax

What are the pros and cons of an outdoor gas stove?

Gas stoves cook just as well, if not better then most other stoves. They emit less smoke, easier to clean, and there are even portable ones for the vacation. The only downside is, you have to maintain a fuel supply to cook.

Where are gas used?

Gas can start your lawn mower, gas can start your fireplace (if it is a gas fireplace), gas can cook your food on the stove (if it is a gas stove), and gas can cook your food on the grill (if it is a gas grill).

What are the gas motions within granules on the solar surface?

upward in the bright cell centers and downward around the darker edges.

Is cook and gas a synonym?


If a shape has 14 vertices and 10 faces how many edges does it have?

A heptagonal prism gas 21 edges.

Is it easier to cook in electric ovens or gas?

It is easier to cook with gas ovens because they are faster at cooking and boiling water, but they can also cook too quickly and burn your food. The recommendation would be to have a gas stove.

What is propen cooking gas?

Gas in a metal container, which burns and can be used to cook (often used to cook at camp sites)

How is gas used to cook food?

Gas is used to cook food by heating the food. This is the same method as electric food.

Is it harmful to store motor oil into a empty gas can then putting oil into motor?

As long as the gas can was clean, then that would be ok.As long as the gas can was clean, then that would be ok.

What energy is used to cook?


What gas do you cook with?

Natural gas from the gas mains is mostly methane. Bottled gas is butane or propane

How do you get your 2005 chryslers gas pedal to stop sticking?

Clean out the throttle body, you can do it yourself in about 15 minutes. Take air cleaner off, spray throttle body cleaner in, whip out with clean cloth around the edges and your ready to go. I had to pay a dealer 150 bucks to do this and when I did it myself I was ashamed that I payed anyone to do it. Just bought another one, I have a 2005 and 2006.

What is the uses gobar gas?

Instead of using LPG gas we can use gobar gas to cook

Why is natural gas called 'clean gas'?

Natural gas is called a clean gas because it is the cleanest burning gas we have. It doesn't release nearly as many harmful particles into the atmosphere.

Is it better to cook outside over open flame or using a gas stove?

If your camping, a gas stove is the best of all worlds in regards to convenience. They are easy to clean, there's no smoke as compared to charcoal, and can be used in most types of weather.

How do you cook the barbeque?

Cooking on the barbeque is pretty straightfoward. Clean the grill with metal bristle brush, use your choice of wood or coal, and kindle the fire using wood chips or gas.

When a gas grill is turned on and the lid is closed how do the currents move within the grill?

The gas burns and the heat rises, swirls around, and is then forced down by cooling and the arrival of newer heated air. The cooler air exits through the vents and around the edges of the lid.

How do you cook canned baked beans in an oven?

You don't cook baked beans in the oven you cook them over a stove/gas hob.

Is it hard to clean a gas range?

Gas ranges are easy to clean, you'll just need some oven cleaner and a rag.

How do you purge a gas line?

To purge a gas line go to the gas line at the appliance. Turn the gas cook(cut off) to the off position(perpendicular to the gas line). loosen the gas line on appliance side of gas cook (this is done at a flare fitting or union). Next turn the gas cook back on until you smell gas.Turn gas back off and re-tighten gas line. Turn gas back on and check for leaks(50/50 water and dish soap sprayed onto fittings). No bubbles means no leaks.

List of nutritious foods cooked without gas?

Anything that you can cook with gas you can also cook with another method of heat. So the answer is everything and anything considered nutritious and edible.

What would happen if the fuel filter is put the wrong way around?

your fliter wont keep your gas 100% clean so just turn it around it ain't that hard

When you change the fuel pump do you change the gas tank also?

No but make sure the gas tank is clean and free from debris, if there is dirt or debris then clean the tank with fresh gas or you can use diesel fuel either way make sure its clean.

Do you still have to clean your gas airsoft gun if you use green gas?


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