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We used to keep a block of paraffin wax wrapped in cheescloth. Once in awhile, we would run the hot iron over the wax and wipe off the residue. This resulted in a slick, clean iron.

To remove melted plastic and fabrics, heat at low setting just until material softens, and scrape off with a smooth piece of wood, a wooden spatula or half a clothespin. If some remains, make a paste with baking soda and water and rub or try silver polish. Wipe off with damp cloth. For a non-stick soleplate, rub gently with nylon mesh pad and suds. Acetone or nail polish remover may remove melted polyester.

[Info from the Home Maintenance And Repair Database at the Michigan State University website]

Fabric stores carry an iron cleaning product in the notions department. It is a thick cream that is applied to a hot iron and rubbed around with an old towel. I've used it for years.

The name is iron-off, I think it is made by fritz.

YOu can also clean molten plastic off a nonstick iron with a bit of salt. Put a tablespoon of salt onto a paper towel, and scrub the hot iron onto it.

I'm a very careless ironer and often have to spend time freeing the soleplate from a build up of melted fabric ( I presume that's all it is- anything else would clean off easily with a damp rag?) I've tried all the methods above ( most of which basically scratch the stuff off- not what you want with a non-stick soleplate) and found that on a Teflon soleplate the thing that works best is nail polish remover; dunk a wadge of cotton wool in the polish, then wrap it over the end of a wooden spatula, then you can 'scrub' hard without burning your fingers and it REALLY DOES work! I was afraid the polish might damage the teflon, but so far it looks intact. Hope this helps someone.

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Q: How do you clean melted fabric off the bottom of your iron?
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