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Paper clips in the holes

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Q: How do you clean out the water jets on your toilet?
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How do you clean Siphon jets and rim jets in toilet?

Paper clip

How clean is toilet water?

Toilet water is extremely dirty.

Is Toilet water clean?

yes,toilet water is clean it is actually the same water you drink........if its flushed No, it have AIDS in it.

Is the river tees clean?

It is not clean because animals live in water well some and they go toilet in the water so no it is not clean!

How do you keep frogs out of toilet bowl?

You hold them or get clean water for them

How do you clean whirlpool pipes?

Run a mixture of vinegar and water with the jets turned on.

Can dogs drink toilet water?

My little dog did when I unfortunately forgot to fill its water bowl! But fortunately the toilet had been flushed and the water was RELATIVELY clean.

Why and how to clean toilet?

use Mr. Clean and a toilet scrubber.

No water in toilet?

Yes notice when you clean the inside of toilet with toilet brush especially under rim the water decreases or gets deeper that's due to the big toilet brush in that hole u keep on raising the brush and lowering it into the hole water lessens

HIV from a clean public toilet?

You won't get HIV from a clean public toilet.

Is flushing a toilet with clean water as wasteful as flushing it with bottled water?

It will be exaclty the same, the only difference is that flushing the toilet with bottled water is very expense. It really will be a waste of money.

What is a Dubai toilet?

It looks like a sink and toilet combined...It squirts water up ur a$$ to clean out any left overs

Why do Muslims wash toilet?

why do you clean the toilet

How do you clean tub jets?

To clean a tub with jets, fill the tub. Pour in a cup of vinegar and let the jets run for a few minutes. Drain and rinse the tub.

Can we drink toilet water?

Will the Water in tank is clean water, Sane as the water that comes out of Faucets. But the bowl water might have bacteria That can spread a Virus.

If a dog drinks toilet water can they get sick?

If it has no waste in it and is clean then no, the dogwill probably not get sick.If it DOES have waste or it is not clean then the dog might get sick.

What animals live in clean water?

fish sharks whales everything in the sea needs clean water especially a goldfish or else it would have a funeral down the toilet.

How do you clean wax from the toilet seal ring off of linoleum?

You can clean wax from the toilet seal ring off of linoleum by mixing a solution of hot water, ammonia and dishwasher soap in a bucket. Dip a mop into the solution and scrub the floor, then rinse with clean water and dry the floor with an old towel.

What kind of plumbing problem causes a wet floor when toilet is flushed and water is backed up in the shower next to it. The toilet bowl has not refilled but the toilet water reservoir is full.?

Sound like you have a clogged toilet and or a clog in your main drain under your toilet. Shut off water supply to toilet remove water from toilet tank. Puchase a wax ring for your toilet prior to disconnecting toilet from supply line and floor bolt on the right and left of your toilet. Remove toilet from floor if water is standing in pipe under where toilet was this is where your problem lies. If no water or clog present, turn toilet on side and lokk in hole at the bottomof toilet. Clear was is stuck in toilet clean off old wax ring install new one and put toilet back together.

What is the safest way to clean out a toilet filled with feces that's been there for six months with no water?

Don't clean it...burn it or bury in city dump!

How do you get rid of tiny black worms in toilet?

My guess would be drain mole fly larvae, and all you have to do is empty the bathroom from clothes or shampoos, clean it with water, and then buy a good enzyme digester and clean everything with it.(mostly the toilet)

Why is flushing a toilet with clean water from a municipal supply about as wasteful as flushing it with bottled water?

That is a matter of debate. Lets say you choose to have untreated water with harmful bacteria including the causes of typhoid and chlolera pumped into your toilet so you will not be wasteful. Then your toddler plays with the water in the toilet and gets sick and dies. I choose to be "wasteful".

What should you do if your skin touches water from a toilet that has a Ty D Bol tablet in it?

wash hands until clean

Can a toilet clean a PS2 disc?

It's possible for the running water to wash it, but so would a kitchen faucet

Does flushing a toilet not use water?

Flushing a toilet uses the water contained in the toilet tank.