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Use the brush attachment (the one with the long, soft bristles) on your vacuum cleaner and the brush will loosen the dust and the vacuum will suck it away.

Alternately, you could buy a counter brush (aka a bench brush aka a dust brush) and simply brush the dirt off the slats.

If it's a vinyl blind, just put it in the tub and turn on the shower. (Of course if it's a REALLY inexpensive blind, you could simply replace it, eh?)

Pleated Blinds can be tricky to clean. Ensure the blind is dusted frequently. A damp cloth maybe be used but take care to wring out the cloth before hand to loose any excess water. Additionally wipe over the fabric immediately after to remove any excess water to preventing staining.

Always test any cleaning method in a small section first, as all fabrics react differently to different cleaning methods.

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Q: How do you clean pleated window blinds?
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Are there kitchen window treatments that are easy to clean?

Vinyl and aluminum mini blinds are practical and easy to clean. Also, pleated shades, roller shades and faux wood blinds are good choices for the kitchen.

How do I clean my window blinds clean?

Regular dusting will help keeping window blinds clean. periodical cleaning with soap water and wiping with dry cloths can keep blinds like new for long time.

Which kind of window blinds are easiest to clean?

Most people consider aluminum blinds the easiest to clean.

How much are cordless pleated blinds at Home Depot?

Cordless pleated blinds are sold at Home Depot from a price that varies between 50 dollars and 100 dollars. Depending on the quality and the design of the blinds.

What is the Difference between window blinds and shades?

Blinds are referred to as 1", 2", 2 1/2" horizontal aluminum, wood or faux wood blinds. Shades are referred to as roman, roller, woven woods, cellular, pleated, etc.

Are wood window blinds easy to clean?

Yes, but they are also easy to damage, never clean with water as it will ruin them.

Can you paint pleated fabric window blinds?

It's perfectly safe to add your own touch to fabric window coverings by painting them with fabric paint. You can purchase fabric paint at any craft store.

Is the Frigidaire FAX052P7A easy to install?

Yes, it has a pleated quick mount window kit for clean installation.

What is the best way to clean blinds for windows?

The best way to clean window blinds depends on which type of blinds one has and how much buildup they have. If the buildup is minimal, simply dusting them or taking a lightly damp cloth to them will do. For fabric or vinyl blinds, one could use a dry sponge. For wood blinds a small amount of water may be used. If the blinds are metal, remove them and clean them outside.

Will VELUX fill custom orders for window blinds?

"Velux sells roof window blinds. If you are wanting regular window blinds, no. However, they don't do custom roof window blinds either. They ship what is in stock."

Where can affordable pleated blinds be purchased?

Affordable pleated blinds could be purchased at many locations such as Sears, Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Target and many other facility stores across the United States.

Is it acceptable to use blinds on my bathroom window?

It is very acceptable and normal to have blinds on your bathroom window.

Does Marth Stewart make window blinds?

Yes, Martha Stewart makes window blinds.

What kind of blinds can one purchase at Hilary Blinds?

They offer Venetian, Wood Venetian, Vertical, Roman, Roller, Pleated, Woodweave, Skylight, and Panel blinds. They also offer custom blinds for custom windows and conservatorys.

Where can one buy blinds for a window in Winnipeg?

Winnipeg offers several places to purchase window blinds in Winnipeg. There is Budget Blinds Winnipeg and Winnipeg Blinds, Shades, and Draperies Automaton.

What type of simple machine is window blinds?

Window blinds is a simple machine of many things

What window blinds provide UV protection?

Amost alll window blinds provide UV protection.

Do they make African style window blinds?

Yes, there are African style window blinds available to purchase.

How do I install window blinds for my windows? or are two websites that can help you learn how to install window blinds. Be sure to measure the width of the window frame before you buy blinds.

Pleated blind patterns.?

There are many places online where you can get great selections on pleated blinds. You can go to or

What is the advantage of velux blinds?

Velux blinds provide style as well as functionality. It is available in pleated, roller, fiesta and awning designs. The blinds are available in a range of fabrics and colors to fit the modern home.

What are some brands of window blinds that are known for their quality?

Window blinds that are made of wood are typiically of good quality.

How do you clean fabric window blinds?

Fabric blinds are the most commonly and most widely used blinds. It requires regular cleaning. Below are the steps you can follow:Eliminate the blinds from the window and separate ends from the wall and spread them on a flat surface.Remove the dust from the blindsAdd few drops of mild detergent solution to it to clean it properlyWipe the blinds with a sponge and cleaning solution.After that, try to remove the stains with this process and dry it for some time.

Are Window Shades Better Than Window Blinds?

Window shades are great for blocking out complete light. Blinds have slits where light shines through.

Where can I get some low priced window blinds?

Select Blinds is a great store to check out for window blinds. They have low prices and they offer free shipping and free samples.