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you would have to convert the pool to saltwater there really is no way to clean it without chlorine

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Q: How do you clean pool without chlorine?
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Can you have a swimming pool without chlorine and or salt?

You can swim in a pool without chlorine or salt they just keep the pool clean. but if you do it can give you bad skin

Why is chlorine in pools?

it keeps the pool clean

What should you put in your pool to keep it clean?

Put chlorine in the pool!

Is pool chlorine really chlorine?

This is a tricky answer but it's quite simple... Actually the chlorine they used for the pool is like the chlorine we use to clean our fish tank. They use it to clean the germs in the pool ex. urine in the pool and young kids who can't hold back their poo.

How do you clean a pool filled with pond water?


What element is used to clean bacteria out of a pool?

Chlorine kills bacteria their for it will clean and disinfect your pool or hot tube

Are chlorine tablets good for pool?

yes it helps the pool stay clean and not get infected

How do you clean a pool after floods?

lots of scrubbing, chlorine and acid

How do you clean the algae from your pool then maintain it?

sock it with chlorine, bleach

Can you have a pool without chlorine?

its called a lake

What type of chemicals are you suppose to use in your pool to keep it clean?

You can add chlorine and that should keep the pool very clean.

Will i keep the pump running after applying chlorine?

yes, pool water clean chlorine make

How does chlorine clean your pool?

Chlorine is a strongoxidant and it literally corrodes bio materials including germs and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. chlorine does not actually clean the pool it kills the microscopic things that grow and multiply in it. The filter cleans it.

Can you use chlorine in a pool without a filter?

Yes you can add liquid chlorine to a pool even if it's not circulating

Can you swim in a pool if the chlorine is low?

Yes; of course. However, the pool will not be as clean and sanitary as usual.

What can you use to clean the sides of your pool from algae that does not contain chlorine?


What chemical is added in a swimming pool to keep the water clean?


What gas helps keep swimming pool clean?


How can you keep your pool clean without using chemicals that might be harmful to dogs as it is impossible to keep your pups out and you are worried the chlorine will make him ill?

My brother has a salt water pool which is a chlorine treated pool and his dog seems to prefer drinking out of the pool been doing it for years and is perfectly healthy.

Can you make your chlorine pool into a saltwater pool without changing any equipment except the salt generator?

Yes A salt water pool is a chlorine pool any way the difference is that the chlorine in a saltwater pool is made from the salt electronically

How dirty are public swimming pools?

If you go to any pool and you can smell chlorine than its a dirty pool. The chlorine smell is caused by chloramines which is the waste in the water. A clean pool will have no odor.

What is the name of the liquid used to clean swimming pool?

The liquid is called Chlorine.

How can I keep my inflatable pool clean without wasting water and refilling it every day?

the only way is to get a small pool filter set up. And add some chlorine to sanitize the water. But if it is dirt - no choice but to empty and clean.

How do you clean green algae of the bottom of a pool?

you clean green algae off the bottom of the pool putting some chlorine in it and that should take care of it but if it doesn't then you should clean the bottom of the pool and do some scrubbing with your pool vacuum.

How often should I run a chlorinator to keep a pool clean?

You should run a chlorinator every couple of weeks in your pool in order to keep it clean. Bacteria can grom in your pool and chlorine helps keep it clean.