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my family is having the same issue, we just bought brand new dining room chairs and scotchguarded them only to realize that it left a white stain on the wood. if you found a way to remove it, PLEASE help!

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What is provided by Scotchgard?

Scotchgard is a treatment for carpets by the company 3M. It protects your carpet and claims that stains and dirt will clean up easier. It will also make your carpet look good for longer.

Can Scotchgard cause hives?

Yes, it happened to me when I was exposed to a Scotchgard-ed sofa. Benedryl elimiated the hives for a couple hours. Scotchgard is highly toxic.

What brush is normally used to clean off wood?

just about any clean brush would do a good job also as it do not hurt the wood in anyway.

How do you clean drywall mud off wood?

Rub it with a damp rag, it will come off quite easily.

How do you clean liquid nail off of wood floor surface?

Use acetone.

How do you get fingernail polish off of wood furniture?

Mr clean magic eraser

What are the ingredients in scotchgard?

The main active ingredient in Scotchgard is PFOS, or perfluorooctane sulfonate. It is a chemical form that degrades to form this.

Does muriatic acid clean old paint off of outside wood decks?

No, muriatic acid is not very effective in cleaning old paint off of outside wood decks. You should use a paint remover to clean the wood decks, such as Jasco, which is available from Home Depot stores.

Why is it hard to cut wood with a dull axe?

A sharp axe will bite into the wood and cut clean; a blunt axe can bounce off the wood; and hit your hand,

How do you clean a gluey sticker off of wood?

Use neat washing up liquid.

How do clean a perfume spill off wood furniture?

I spilled perfume on my oak tables and what can I do?

How are monkeys waterproof?

They get sprayed with Scotchgard

How do you clean nail polish off wood floors?

just use nail polish remover

How do you clean grease off of a hardwood floor?

you use a wood safe base cleaning chemical

How do you clean wood stain off concrete?

There are a few ways one can remove wood stain off of concrete. One way is to use a sandblaster to remove the stains. Another method is using wood bleach, water, and a scrubbing brush.

How do you Remove hairspray from varnished wood?

To get hairspray off of varnished wood, use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to clean the affected area. Then use a bit of soap and water on the wood, and allow the wood to dry.

How does the invention of Scotchgard work?

Scotchgard is a spray-on fabric protector that was made by Patsy Sherman. It is a stain repellent and a durable water repellent applied to fabrics.

How do you get play stickers of wood?

Peel them off and try peanut butter to take off the glue. There may be other substances to clean them, but some might also stain the wood, so proceed carefully.

How do you clean dried paint off wood molding?

Paint can be cleaned off of wood molding best while the paint is wet. If the paint is dried, the paint can be scarped off of most wood surfaces. This should be done with care due to possible damage. A paint cleaning solution can be used to prevent damage to the wood molding.

How do you clean scott's liquid gold off wood surface to prep for polyurethane?

murphy's soap should do the trick

How do you clean mold off of wood?

There are a lot of mold cleaners at Home Depot, Lowes, etc in the paint section

How do you remove permanent marker off a wood like laminate?

Spray bleach or a mr. clean magic erasure

What furniture cleaning product will get permanent marker off a wood table without ruining the wood?

There are many products available to remove permanent marker from wood without ruining the finish. One product that you can use is Pledge to clean the wood.

Can you clean wood floors with a steam mop?

No, you cannot clean wood floors with a steam mop. The steam will cause the wood to bubble and will get a mould underneath it.

How do you get permanent marker off of wood paneling?

mr clean magic eraser Another Answer: I found this out by total accident. Deep woods OFF, mosquito repellant will remove permanent marker off of anything, walls, plasticware, wood, paint, skin...try it.