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How do you clean stains on concrete?

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OK, that is stamped concrete. things you don't want to use are a pressure washer. It will blow the release color off the concrete and destroy the area you are trying to save. first you will want to remove any sealer on the the affected area, you can do this with xylene (you can get it right at Home Depot) this won't hurt the concrete or the color, and will re liquify the sealer (if it is a topical sealer) once you have use the xylene clean the area with denatured alchohol to remove any residule sealer, once you have done that scrub with a non caustic cleaner such as simple green. if the stain still remains your best option is to contact somone experienced in concrete and have them remove the small stained area and replace it. I did stamped concrete for years so i know what i am doing with this. if i saw this i would do the things i said and if it didn't ome clean i would use a grinder to remove the small section that is orange and then repour it using a high psi mix hand tinted (id mix and pour samples at home first to verify the correct color to concrete ratio) and then just use a small edge stamp to redo the texture.

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How do you clean leaf stains on concrete?

wash with a hose and somehow make it shoot water fast

How do you remove battery acid stains from concrete will Dawn remove grease stains from concrete?

Baking soda is the best way to remove acid stains from concrete. Dawn may remove grease stains from concrete. Vinegar is another great solvent for grease stains.

How do you clean dog urine stains from black top driveways?

There is no way to get urine stains out of black top driveways. On concrete, bleach can be used, but the stain is never permanently gone.

How do you clean salt stains from concrete pool?

Salt does not stain you probably have calcium stains. This can be cleaned with a solution of muriatic or hydrochloric acid. try a test piece first and be careful for your eyes.

Once winter is over what is the best way to clean a concrete garage floor with salt stains?

One of the best ways to clean salt stains off a garage floor is with muriatic acid. Use a light solution or follow the instruction on the bottle.

How do you remove gas stains off of color stained concrete?

Check with your local hardware store or Home Depot/Lowes etc. There is a special chemical that is supposed to clean everything from concrete.

How many psi of water do you need to clean concrete?

It depends partly on what is dirtying the concrete. If it's oils stains and other motor vehicle fluids, you need at least 2,500 psi and special soaps.

How do you get concrete stains out of a wood burner?


What is the best way to clean concrete?

I would try to contact the company and see if they can come out again for a second time since they left stains behind. I have used tide with bleach mixed with hot water and a stiff scrub brush. I was able to get the stains out with that method, but the stains were only a day old.

How do you clean leaf stains from concrete?

Get an acidic somewhat abraisive liquid substance such as hot sause, mix with water and apply to affected area, or try pressure washing.

How do bases clean stains?

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How do you get tire stains from a sealed concrete driveway?

Pressure washer?

How do you get rid of oil stains on the job?

You get rid of oil stains by using oxce clean

How do you clean wood stain off concrete?

There are a few ways one can remove wood stain off of concrete. One way is to use a sandblaster to remove the stains. Another method is using wood bleach, water, and a scrubbing brush.

How do you spot clean dry clean only pants?

The best way to spot clean dry clean only pants is to choose the solution that matches the stain. For tea stains, spot clean with lemon juice. For coffee stains, spot clean with vinegar. The use of dry cleaning fluid, Afta will remove most other stains.

How do you get rid of black armpit stains?

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How do you clean porcelain tub stains?


Can you clean sperrys with Clorox bleach to get stains out?


How do you clean banana stains?

use napisan

How can you Clean water stains on wood floor?

Stains on wood floors require sanding and refinishing.

What is the best way to remove leaf stains from new concrete?


How do you clean salt stains off of nubuck shoes?

You can clean salt stains off of Nubuck shoes using a solution of water and vinegar. Try and clean the stain as soon as you can for best results.

What causes permanent brown stains to a concrete pool?

Permanent brown stains on a concrete pool are caused by improper pH in the water. High levels of calcium can leave extensive staining on the pool's surface.

How do you clean perspiration stains from taffeta?

To clean perspiration stains from taffeta lay the outfit down and apply stain remover to it. Repeat if necessary and then throw in the dryer.

what are the benefits of having a concrete patio?

There are several benefits to having a concrete patio. Concrete is very durable and easy to maintain, unlike some wood patios. It can handle different types of weather without affecting the quality of the patio. It Benefits of having a concrete patio include the following: you will not get stains as you would on a wood or deck patio, and its very easy to clean...