How do you clean the infected branch on virtual villagers 4?


To cure the branch you need :

A cutting tool ( complete puzzle 1) - by taking a bone from the big fish and the south of the island and take it to the fire then your villager will put it in the lab)

Soap ( Get salt water and put a stone at the fire and wait untill it goes red then put it in the water and have 3 soapy herbs. one your stew is ready , place a villager on it and they will stack soap) You will know if you have done it right because fresh water gives your villagers hiccups\burb. If your villagers hiccup of burb you have done it wrong.

Cloth ( complete puzzle 8) - you need level 2 science. Once you have the level 2 science, drop your villagers at the vines beside the firewood and your villagers will get a cutting tool and cut them and put them at the cooking bit in the lab. get fresh water and boil a rock then once the stew is ready , drop a villager on it and the will put honey like stuff on a rock. put villagers at the pulp and they will flatten it ( do this 10 times). Once you finish spreading the pulp , the villager will take it to the cloth hut. ( you have to build the cloth hut when you get level 2 science first or it wont work) You will have completed the cloth puzzle once this happens. You can also change your villagers clothes for 5,000 tech points there aswell.


Place a villager under the branch and it will say getting cloth to wrap round it. Once it has been wrapped round , drop your villager onto the soap and they will clean the branch. Then drop the villager onto a cutting tool and they will cut the branch off.

Thank you For Listening Xx