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  • Let the pigs in.
  • Sweep them up and compost them.
  • Sweep them up, wash them and make lovely potato soup full of natural fibre.
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Can you feed potato peelings to a chook?

Yes! Cook your potato peelings, throw them over the fence to your chooks, and watch them gobble them up! Then watch them lay eggs with free potato peeling vitamins. Throw lots of greens to your chooks, vegetable scraps from the kitchen or from the garden. Better yet, let them have the run of the yard and find their own greens.

What will you do if the guest vomited on the floor?

Clean it up!

When do you clean up spills in the kitchen?

You would have to clean up a spill,you drop somthing on the floor like juice,cake,anything that will stick on the floor.

What are the procedures in make up a room?

clean empty waste basket clean all furniture clean on the floor bed make up clean the bathroom

How do you clean up liquid fire spill in car floor board?

clean it all up very carefully

What should you do if you drop a bottle of acid on the floor?

Clean it up.

How do you clean Armor All spill on floor?

how do you clean up a an armoral spill in kitchen

What are the benefits of Vinyl Floor Tiles?

The benefits of vinyl floor tiles is that they are easy to clean and they are very durable. If you spill anything on the floor, you can easily wipe it up or mop it up.

Which of the following is the best way in which to clean a floor?

If a ceramic tile floor, first sweep up all dust and dirt then use a machine to scrub the tiles. If a carpeted floor, vacuum up all dirt/dust then rent shampooer to clean the carpets.

What are the green clouds on the floor on Sims 3?

The green clouds on the floor indicate that something is on the floor that has... spoiled. Try getting a sim to clean it up.

Clean up lamp oil spill on wood floor?

Mineral Spirits!

Liquid fabric softener spilled on tile floor?

how to clean up liquid fabric softner off tile floor

If ther is glass on the floor how can you pick it up safely?

when there is glass on the floor keep everyone out of the room then get a broom and a dust pan and clean it up make sure you have on shoes

What to do if dough falls on the floor?

You should throw the dough away and clean up the mess...

How do you clean broken glasses on the floor?

Sweep up the glass. Vacuum anything else.

What happens if you defecate on the floor?

Clean it up well with paper towel, then use disinfectant on it.

What happens when you spill orange juice on the floor?

You clean it up with a wet paper towel

How can you clean up spilled polyurethane?

How you can best clean up spilled polyurethane will depend on where it is spilled. If it is spilled on a laminate floor, rags dampened in mineral spirits will work well. If the spill is on concrete, paint thinner will clean it up.

Can you feed cattle vegetable peelings or any fruit?

Yes you can feed a cow fruit or peelings. In Yuma AZ. They fatten up cattle with dump truck loads of cantaloupe.

What can you do to protect the environment in your area?

I would go around and pick up trash on the floor and pick up cans and it will be clean

How can you turn banana peelings into alcohol?

you stick the peelings up your bum for half an hour then you take it out put it in a blender with snot and a touch of earwax blend untold smooth Enjoy Hope I helped :)

What kimd of oil oh and thanks?

put oil on your floor and the cover it with salt then let it dry, one taste and your dog will not return then clean up the floor.

How do you clean up gasoline spilled on garage floor?

kitty litterthen wash it down with dishwashing detergent

Can you Use Derogate in a sentence?

I just derogated all over the floor and made my housekeeper clean it up.

What to do after chewing gum?

You spit it in a bin, not on the floor it costs millions to clean up, SO PUT IT IN THE BIN!