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Take penicillin drink cranberry juice mixed wit a teaspoon of clorox and it will be gone in one day

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Does red bull clear THC out your system?

Does red bull clear thc out of your system

Does swimming clear your system of THC?

no it

Will amoxicillin clear thc from urine?


Does niacin help clear THC out of the body?


Will protective antioxidants clear THC from your system?

No. Nothing will "Clear THC from your system" reliably. Traditional approaches stem around "sweating" it out - but THC is fat soluble, I wouldn't expect even this to work. It's interesting to note that THC is actually a *very* protective antioxidant it's self.

Does a toxic cleanse clear you of THC?

don't think so

How long does it take for THC to clear the urine test?

about a month

How long before urine is clear of THC?

Three large inhales per day maintains about 50nanograms of THC in the urine.

How long does it take for niason to clear your system of THC?

It doesnt work

How do you clear system of THC for chronic user?

THC will remain in the body for 30 days for the average person. There is no trick to quicken or slower this process.

How do you pass marijuana urine drug test?

You can clear the THC (THC is the metabolite of marijuana) from your system or to use some masking agent (detox drink) .

Drug test in 3 days and want THC out of system?

Depending on the dosage, THC can take at least a month to clear from your body as the liver is not very good at processing it.

Will clear urine take THC out?

If you are talking about diluting your urine with water to pass a urine test, then no, this would not be an ideal method to use in a urine test situation. If the color of your urine is too clear, many places that test urine will ask for another sample. Only time will clear your body of THC.

Pills that clean out your system?

Do what i did...don't eat 8 hours before test and drink water if your pee is clear u are too THC is stored on fat no fat in pee no THC there either. Thc is the psychoactive of mari ga wanna

How long does it take for marijuana to clear your system if you smoked one joint yesterday?

THC can take a month or longer to clear your system.

How to clear marijuana THC from body?

any sort of antioxidant will help, plus lots and lots of water. the antioxidant helps clear out the thc, while water flushes it out when you pee. good sources of antioxidants include cranberries, blueberries, pomegranates, any much more.

How long do it take THC to flush your system?

How long DO it take? Take a grammar class, and you should be clear by then.

How fast you could clean your system from THC?

It depends on your body type...bodies with a higher fat to muscle ratio will take longer to clean the THC from the bodies systems. To pass a drug test, usually 4-5 days will clear out enough of the THC not to show up.

How long do you have to take niacin to clear your system of THC?

Oh...ten to fourteen days should do it. Since it doesn't actually work, the 10-14 days is enough for your body to expel the THC naturally.

How do you clear urine of THC in 15 days?

Drink a massive assload of water and the day of drugtest dont eat anything

Does vinegar clean the bloodstream of marijuana?

No, it does not. That is a stoner myth and is completely untrue. That is not how the body works and THC is stored in your fat cells and can take up to a month to clear out if you are a habitual smoker, nothing you can take will do anything except attempt to mask the THC, but if the sample goes to a lab, they will find the contaminant and the THC as well.

Does bissy tea clean your system?

No because thc is fat solible. Which means when thc enters the body it flows into the blood system then onto your body's fat cells. Only way to really clear your system is to exercise and sweat it out.

How long to clear out 1 hit of THC if you are totally clean before?

depending on your size, weight, and metabolism, around a week or 2

Does all clear shampoo by purity lab work for THC?

Yes it works very well, just follow the directions precisely.

What helps to get THC out of your urine?

There is no means for clearing THC from your system but time. It takes approximately thrity days to clear THC to the point that the most sensitive urine tests will not detect it. It takes more than six months for a hair clipping test to show negative after use.The surest means for testing clean is to be clean.