How do you clear cache in Mozilla Firefox?

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ctrl + shift + delete, this clears everything , or go to options , clear recent history.

Here's How! Select 'Tools' in your browser menu > 'Clear Recent History' > Select 'Browsing', 'Cookies' and 'Cache' using the checkboxes; finally select 'Clear Now'. This will not harm any files or settings on your computer.
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How do you remove FoxFilter On Mozilla Firefox?

Answer . First you go to tools and click on Add-Ons, click on Foxfilter and click Uninstall. It will uninstall once you restart Firefox. But if you want to get firefox again you need the same password Hope i helped.. . Answer . Maybe try using FireFox in Safe Mode (which disables all a ( Full Answer )

How do you clear certain cache or history from Firefox?

Clean your Cache and Cookies in Firefox (In case you also have Firefox installed): * Go to Tools > Options. * Click Privacy in the menu.. * Click the Clear now button below.. A new window will popup what to clear. * Select all and click the Clear button again. * Click OK to close the Opti ( Full Answer )

How do i block YouTube with Mozilla Firefox?

Quick answer: Just copy/paste into the Firefox address bar, and use that program to block sites. Long answer: For one, you can block images from loading in Youtube just by going into the Preferences, the Content ( Full Answer )

How do you customise icons in Mozilla Firefox?

Right click up by your buttons (forward, back, home, refresh, etc) and click Customize. You have several options to edit (such as icon size [big or small], what icons are displayed, etc). You can also drag and drop icons and move around just about everything to make it look how you want it to look.

Where can you download Mozilla Firefox 3?

Mozilla Firefox 3 English version for Windows can be downloaded from the homepage of the Mozilla Corporation's website Firefox 3 is also available in more than 45 different languages and for Mac and Linux. To download Firefox 3 in a language other than English or for a different ope ( Full Answer )

Where is bookmark in Mozilla Firefox?

If you are looking for a way to display your bookmarks, there are two ways. .1 Go up to the toolbar and hit Bookmarks . A Drop down menu is displayed. .2 Click the Bookmark icon and the bookmarks open in a sidebar. If you do not see the bookmark icon, right click (up by the back/forward ( Full Answer )

How do you turn off mozilla Firefox?

Turning off Mozilla Firefox. We have two options. 1. Uninstall it form control panel if you dont need it any more. 2. Make the other alternate browser you have your default browser. Make sure you remove the check if mozilla is your default browser option form the tool -> Options ->main .

What is Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a Web Browser like Internet Explorer, Opera, or Google Chrome. Its advantage is that is fast, faster than Internet Explorer, its security is very good, flagging lots of dangerous sites and blocking those sites from accessing your computer, the real good thing about it however, is ( Full Answer )

How do you download Mozilla Firefox?

The Firefox web browser is open for free download from here. After clicking on the download link wait for it to download and run the installer. When clicking through the installer be sure to uncheck any offers for free toolbars as you won't need them.

How do you allow images in Mozilla Firefox?

Images are allowed by default in Firefox. You may have turned them off, however. To re-enable them, go to Tools > Options, select the "Content" tab, and check "Load images automatically."

Does Mozilla Firefox have parental controls?

Answer As mozilla doesn't have parental control you can get through the addon but if you have antivirus you can use parental control for all the browsers. Firefox does not provide parental controls however there is a free add-on available for Firefox that can assist you in controlling the con ( Full Answer )

How do you get Mozilla Firefox?

There are many sources from where Mozilla Firefox can be downloadedbut some of them contain virus, spyware etc. It is recommended todownload Firefox from the official website. In the address bar type mozilla . org (remove the spaces).

How do you uninstall Mozilla Firefox?

For a Windows, go to Start > Control Panel > and find Add/Remove Programs. Search for Mozilla Firefox and click Uninstall.

Where can you download Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded from several sites. It's official site is at It is also part of the Google pack,also it is included on yahoo .

How can you stop Mozilla Firefox from crashing?

1) go to Firefox 2)top left corner press Firefox 3)Press Add-Ons 4)Add on manger will pop up in your tabs 5)press extensions 6)disable or remove all of them 7) close Firefox I did all this on Firefox 5 and on windows vista good luck Meltecsupport

How can you uninstall Mozilla Firefox?

To uninstall Mozilla Firefox from the computer, normally you can uninstall it directly with Windows Add/Remove Programs utility as the description below ( take V 3.5.3 as an example). 1. Uninstall it with windows Add/Remove Programs utility A. Go to Start => Settings => Control Panel => Add/Re ( Full Answer )

What services does Firefox Mozilla supply?

A lot, it would be impossible to list everything on this page, you will have to go the the Firefox Mozilla website and browse their files. They have plenty of documentation files. refer to link below for Firefox

How did Mozilla Firefox get its name?

Firefox refers to the red panda and is similar to Firebird, whichwas the browser's original name. Mozilla is the name of thefoundation that originally funded the project.

How do you fix sound on Mozilla Firefox?

wiki wouldn't let me put a brief description of my problem so i did this... its the wierdest thing the sound works perfectly fine while im playin something say on vlc or windows media or quicktime, but when i m using a browser any browser the sound work but the volume is very low, this happens i ( Full Answer )

Is Mozilla Firefox still in use?

Yes, in fact I am using it right now to answer your question. Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers. It is currently in version 14.0.1 (as of 15th August 2012).

How do you change your homepage on Mozilla Firefox?

In Firefox 4, there is an "Option" selection on the Tools part of the Menu Bar. The Menu bar is just below the Firefox button at the top corner, but is sometimes/often hidden. To get to it hit F10. To change the Homepage, either --make the Menu Bar show up by hitting F10 (which toggles it on ( Full Answer )

Download Mozilla Firefox 4.0?

The full release version of Firefox 4 should be out around November 2010. Now the Firefox 4.0 beta 4 has been released, it supports Direct2D. And later, Mozilla will release the Firefox 4.0 beta 5.

Why does Mozilla Firefox not work?

It could happen because there's to many people on the web browser, and the web browser can't take that many people searching on it. And it also can be because there's overflows of people searching on the web browser and that's because it doesn't work sometimes. And what you can do is : Try closi ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is an internet browser (sometimes called a web browser). It is used to access the internet and to read web pages. However, unlike many internet browsers, Mozilla Firefox is highly customisable. Toolbars can be added, edited and removed as it can in other browsers but Firefox can b ( Full Answer )

How do you undo your theme on Mozilla Firefox?

Go to Tools Select Ad-ons You see a screen that will say Add-ons --- Extensions--- THEMES --- Plug-ins... Select THEMES and you will be brought to the page where you can just click on the THEME that you have chosen and click on UNINSTALL. Worked for me!!! Good luck.

Can you get Mozilla Firefox on your iPod Touch?

No, you cannot get Mozilla Firefox on your iPod Touch. The only internet application available for the iPod Touch is the app called 'Internet', which uses Safari's web browser style converted into a mobile format for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

What are the advantages of Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox has some advantage such as: 1. More secure than any other internet browser. 2. Various kinds of Add-ons are available. 3. More flexible and customized. 4. Daily updated. 5. Code is free for everyone. 6. Can be run in any platform i.e. Linux, Windows etc. It is oriented towards user' ( Full Answer )

How do I delete YouTube in Mozilla Firefox?

To delete tabs in Mozilla Firefox, click the little white X in the red box on the right edge of the tab. You won't be able to delete the last tab, though. If the particular tab does not have a red box, i.e. it is gray instead, select that tab to give it focus.

How do you clear cookies on Mozilla Firefox?

tools options privacy clear recent history check mark off cookies than clear It has already been checked off but there is also some other stuff that has been checked off i suggest you look through the stuff that has been checked off

What is the difference between Firefox an Mozilla Firefox?

There is no difference; "Firefox" is merely a shortened way of saying "Mozilla Firefox" (Mozilla is the company that created the web browser Firefox, therefore the browser's full name is Mozilla Firefox).

How do i unblock Youtube with Mozilla Firefox?

One will have to go into their settings on their Mozilla FireFox browser to unblock YouTube. Once in the settings go to blocked sites and remove it from that list. That should clear up the problem. If it doesn't, one may need to completely uninstall and re-install Firefox.

Do you have to have Mozilla Firefox?

Not at all, no. Mozilla Firefox is not usually the default browser (Apple computers/macs use Safari, Google computers use Google Chrome and Microsoft computers use Internet Explorer). Mozilla Firefox is free to download and install but you can choose not to have it, if you don't want it. It can a ( Full Answer )

Is Mozilla Firefox a search engine?

No. Mozilla Firefox is not a search engine it is a web browser,similar to Nano Browser, Google Chrome, Internet explorer.

Is Mozilla Firefox is example of software?

Yes, Mozilla Firefox is a web browser, which is a form of software. (It does not have any physical properties, so it is not hardware. However, it can only exist on hardware, and facilitates communication between pieces of hardware.)

How do you hide a tab on Mozilla Firefox?

If you close it, that hides it, if you're watching porn, tryopening another window and have it under your other window, besidesthat, you can pin it and that is less conspicuous, some versions offirefox allow you to group tabs, and you can put your porn andwhatever webpages you're trying to hide (mos ( Full Answer )

Is Mozilla Firefox a web browser?

Yes. Mozilla Firefox is a web browser like Internet Explorer, NanoBrowser,Safari, Google Chrome and many others.

Who is the manufacturer of Mozilla Firefox?

The Mozilla Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that creates two open-source programs: Firefox and Thunderbird. They also make many lab projects. Hence the name: Mozilla Firefox.

Is it safe to download Mozilla Firefox?

Yes, it is 100% safe and is used by millions of users worldwide. Just be sure to download it from the actual Mozilla website and not any other webpage. Mozilla are the creators of Firefox so you should only download it from them.

How do you find passwords on Mozilla Firefox?

In order to access password manager where are all the saved passwords can be seen go to Tools -> Options -> Security -> Saved Passwords. If menu bar is disabled on Firefox then click on the Firefox button(upper-left side) then follow this: Options -> Options -> Security -> Saved Passwords.

Is Mozilla Firefox helpful to us?

It`s a very important organization, and very useful to all of us. It helps you on many ways because Firefox browser from Mozilla is one of the best browser on the Internet.