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A popular product, especially where water is hard and contains Iron, is something called ferritabs. They were produced previously by Hydrology Laboratories, a division of Aqua Clear Industries, in packages of 10 per box, and designed for sand filters or de filters. See the photo of the old tabs and packaging, this for de type filters.

A regional supplier has purchased the rights to produce Ferri Iron Tabs so once again they are available.

Ferri-Iron Tabs are water treatment tablets that help eliminate the discoloration caused by iron and manganese.

They have been formulated for use in all filters EXCEPT diatomaceous earth filters.

These double-action tablets have been formulated to help decolorize water that has been colored by IRON or MANGANESE. These discoloring insoluble materials are removed from the water by charge neutralization and flocculation.

This non-toxic formulation is completely soluble in water and contains no caustic or corrosive chemicals, diatomaceous earth, alum or any chemicals that will alter the pH or chlorine level of the water.

Directions: Make sure pool water has a pH of 7.2-7.6, and contains a measurable amount of chlorine by adjusting with chemicals as necessary. Chlorine will not effect the Ferri-Iron Tab action on Iron or Manganese. Make sure the pool filter is in good operating condition and has been turned on.

Drop 1 tablet for each 3000 gallons of pool water into the skimmer basket. In large pools that have multiple skimmers distribute the tablets.

For best results, add the required tablets over a period of a few hours. Keep the filter operating. In order to permanently improve the water quality, the filter must be thoroughly back-washed within 18-24 hours after treatment.

In pools that have severe problems, repeat dosage and back-wash procedures after 24-48 hours.

In order to prevent a recurrence, when adding make up water and 1 tablet for each 3000 gallons or less of fresh water.

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Q: How do you clear iron from pool water?
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