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How do you clear up a cloudy pool?

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There are myriad reasons for a cloudy pool, so unless you know the specific cause of the dreck floating around, it's hard to give a remedy. Having said that, consider the following. Are you running the filter long enough? The most important factor in keeping a pool clear is filtration. Period. You must run the filter long enough to turn over the water twice a day, so you have to know the approximate water-handling rate of your pump and filter. Double the volume of your pool and divide by the flow rate of the filter, which is usually spec'd in gallons per minute. Take that number and divide by 60. That will tell you how many hours per day to run the filter. Second, what is the alkalinity? You have to adjust that number properly before adjusting pH and chlorine. For vinyl-liner pools, the alkalinity must be around 100 ppm. That value will likely bring the pH into an ideal bracket. I use Arm & Hammer baking soda (i.e., bicarb) to raise alkalinity. How much to add depends on the size of the pool and the existing alkalinity value. Third, make sure the pH is right and there's enough free chlorine in the pool. Fourth, use a flocculant. That's the thick blue stuff. It causes fine particles to flocculate, or stick together, making larger particles that get trapped more easily in filters, especially sand filters, which don't trap small particles as well as DE filters do. Fifth, use an algaecide or algastat. There are copper-based and silver-based products on the market. Sixth, shock twice a month, more often if it's ridiculously hot or if it rains a lot.

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Will buffer clear your cloudy pool?

Phosphate buffers put in cloudy pools will clear it up. The buffer clears the pool by reducing CH levels.

How clear a cloudy pool when chlorine is high and the pH is normal?

run the filter.

How do you clear up an AG pool that has blue-gray cloudy water that feels almost slick?

my 21 ft ag pool was blue and cloudy. The cause was leaves and pine needles at the bottom. Once I got them out - i shocked it again (3 gallons) and that helped

What do you do when your pool is cloudy due to too much shock?

give it a few days it should clear up you may have to backwash if using sand filter

What is cloudy pool water?

pool water that is cloudy don't swim in it

Cloudy to clear for a cortisone injection?

Cloudy to clear

What is weather like in may?


How do i clear cloudy water in a intex pool?

You might want to try a longer filter run and chlorine.

What is the opposite of clear starts with c?

cloudy is the opposite of clear.

How do you clear a cloudy pool?

You should check your chemical balances. If they are not in the ideal range the pool will becom cloudy. I would go to your nearest pool store and ask them for the chemical testing kit which will include instructions as well as the chemicals needed to balance your pools chemical levels.

How do you clear the cloudy water in your pool?

Cloudy water is NOT NECESSARILY algae growth. Cloudy water can be caused by LOTs of things. Algae, poor filtering, bad circulation, a dirty filter, poor water balance

How much shock for a cloudy pool?

Check your Ph level. This can also make pool cloudy.

Is NPH insulin cloudy?

yes. always draw up clear before cloudy. (regular before NPH)

What is the antonym for the word cloudy?

I guess 'clear' like: the sky is cloudy. or: the sky is clear.

How can you remove skunk spray from swimming pool water?

Use extra chlorine for about a week to shock the pool. As long as the water stays clear, you don't have a problem. If the pool gets cloudy, consult a professional.

When two clear solutions mix and a precipitate forms does the mixture become clear or cloudy?


Is regular insulin cloudy or clear?


Why is it cloudy?

The water in a pool can be cloudy because the chemicals are not balanced. If people wear sunscreen and go in the pool before it has soaked in it can also cause the water to become cloudy.

How do you treat a cloudy swimming pool?

A simple water clarifier available at pool stores and retailers such as Lowes or Walmart will clear up the water. Use as directed. It only takes a few ounces.Balance chemicals and add a clarifier available at you local pool supplyYou need to get your water tested to see what is causing it. Take a sample to a local pool dealer, they can test it and they should also be able to tell you what you need to put in it to clear it up.

What is an antonym for cloudy?

Some antonyms for cloudy is clear and cloudless.

Why did my pool turned green after I shocked it the water seems clear when you put it in a cup and it isn't cloudy?

Because electricity turnes water green.

Why draw up clear insulin before cloudy?

The "cloudy" insulins are long-acting, while the "clear" insulins are rapid or short-acting. Drawing up the clear insulins first prevents the vial of short-acting insulin from being contaminated with a long-acting insulin.

Do tropical fish live in cloudy or clear water?

clear, if your water is cloudy then you might want to check your filter

Why cloudy nights can be warmer than clear nights?

When it is cloudy the heat in the atmosphere is held in, but when it is clear the heat escapes.

How do you fix an aboveground pool with Baquacil that has been shocked and clarified and its levels are good but it is still cloudy?

The first thing to do would be to test for the Total Alkalinity. If it is not within the 60-120 range the water will be cloudy and nothing will clear it up except adjusting it. Another thing would be to chemically clean the filter. Baquacil recommends that you chemically clean it at least once a month, if the filter is clogged up it could cause the pool to be cloudy. The last resort would be to add the Flocculant.