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How do you clone on Diamond?


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Go to the GTS building. There deposit the Pokemon that you want to clone. Make an offe that no one would trade for. When the clock in the bottom-right corner does 8 1/4 to 8 1/2 turns, turn off and on the game. You will get the "corrupt save" message. this is good. Withdraw the Pokemon, and you then have two of it.

This works since the Pokemon is saved on the Nintendo server, and because you turned off and on, the missingness is not saved on your game.

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yes.you can clone any Pokemon

No, you cannot clone Darkrai in the game Pokémon Diamond. Darkrai is a legendary Pokémon and most of them cannot be cloned.

you need an action replay and a code

to clone an item you need to put that item being held by a Pokemon and clone the Pokemon, how you clone i don't know...

Yes you can but I don't know how sorry?

If You Don't Have Action Replay It Is Impossible.

Cloning isn't a good thing to do. It can result your DS pausing (which means you will lose the Pokemon you were trying to clone!!!!!!!!). Only clone if it's a weaker Pokemon and (or) if it a good Pokemon you have a double of already.Don't Clone!DON'T CLONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DON'T CLONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I mean it!

It can delete your account if you turn your game off at the wrong time. There is no other way to clone pokemon, unless you have action replay.

Use your action replay if you have one, but otherwise i think u can only clone item if you clone a Pokemon. Use the gts to clone Pokemon, there is a small chance you will lose your file though. look at other questions to how to clone Pokemon in gts.

you cant so sorry only with a action replay : (

You have to trade with another game or clone glitch it.

If you search Google "AR Pokemon Diamond clone code" and add it to your action replay but iff you havent got a Action Replay Device then you cant clone.if you want a AR then search Amazon.com -Chazz

Get 10 ribbons and level your Pokemon to lv.100 then put it in your p.c. after 24 hours you should have a clone.

i don't know what one of the clone cheats is but be careful! i had one and my game crashed when i was cloning mew! i will say this though, try going towww.neoseeker.com or another website similar to that to find a clone cheat.

well you could just clone it and get hundreds of them, look up cloning for Pokemon diamond on the internet

Yo cannot do that only in pearl diamond and platinum

i have Pokemon diamond, and played 600 hours. its not possible. but you can catch a ditto, and make Pokemon eggs.

You cannot clone Pokemon and items on diamond and pearl and platinum, but you can in emerald!

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