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Q: How do you close a letter in Gaelic?
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How do you pronounce Gaelic word macayle?

Gaelic has no letter 'y'.

How is Shanice written in Gaelic?

Seonaid is close in sound [shon-etch], but otherwise no Gaelic version.

What is the Gaelic name for Sidney?

The Irish male name Séadna is close. Not sure about Scottish Gaelic.

What is a four letter word for Gaelic?


What is the Scottish Gaelic for 'brave'?

Treun (pronounced close to "train" in English,

What is the Gaelic for oruborus?

The Celtic 'endless knot' may be close to the concept. One translation in Irish was Snaidhm gan chríoch. The Scottish Gaelic version would be Snaidhm dìlinn.When posing questions about Gaelic if would be best to specify Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic, as they are two distinct languages.

What is the Gaelic for 'Jonathan'?

In Scottish Gaelic 'Eòin" is considered to be the equivalent of 'Jonathan'; Irish has 'Seanchán' which is close in sound. Both of these are 'equivalents' rather than 'translations', however.

What is the Scottish Gaelic symbol for sister (not Celtic)?

The Scottish Gaelic word for sister is "dearbh," which can also be used as a term of endearment for a sister or a close female friend.

What is the Gaelic letter translation for the letters R O W and E?

R,O, and E occur in the Gaelic languages but W does not.

How is orach pronounced in Gaelic?

Archie is a Scottish name.It has no direct Irish translation, but in (Scots) Gaelic it is usually written Eairdsidh, which is pronounced close to AIRchie.It's a familiar shortening of the name Archibald, which is the English equivalent of the Gaelic name Gilleasbaig (pronounced GILL-es-bick).

What is the Scottish version of Haley?

If a given name it is the same, but the Scottish Gaelic name Eilidh is close in sound.

What is the Gaelic for 'God watch over me'?

dia ag feachaint thar me (not 100% correct but pretty close)