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Q: How do you color the Carousel Horse painting minigame on HorseIsle 2?
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Where on HorseIsle is ameribrit?

Ameribrit is a Horse Isle minigame found in Witherton on Rider Isle.Aveline, Bay Server.

When was Flying Horse Carousel created?

Flying Horse Carousel was created in 1876.

Where are all the paintings on HorseIsle?

Isadora's Painting = Horse Shoe Village, Hoof Isle Kaliska's Painting = Appleton, HorseIsle Fin's Painting = Flipperton, Dolphin Isle Ricardo's Painting = Hotton, Desert Isle Fala's Painting = Santon, Desert Isle Vianca's Painting = Treeton, HorseIsle Mr. Tuttle's Painting = Shelton, Turtle Isle Nadine's Painting = Earton, HorseIsle Hannah's Painting = Wington, Bird Isle Valarie's Painting = Chilton, Ice Isle Chanda's Painting = Web Isle Esther's Painting = Vine Isle Freddy's Painting = Lava Isle Jada's Painting = Frigid Meadow, Polar Isle Mirah's Painting = Whorl Isle

What horse games can let you be a horse?


When was the flying horse carousel in Rhode Island built?

The Crescent Park Loof Carousel was built in 1895.

Who took the professional pictures at the Carousel Horse show?


How much does a carousel horse weigh?

The weight of a carousel horse varies. Some are between 300 and 400 pounds, while others are 150 to 300 pounds.

Which character said A horse A horse your kingdom for a horse?

HorseIsle Answer--> Richard III

What is a horse carousel?

A horse carousel is basically a marry-go-round except the things you ride on are horse not cars or seats or whatever else, horses are what are usually used for marry-go-rounds

Is HorseIsle 2 and HorseIsle for PlayStation 2 also?

No. Horse Isle and Horse Isle 2 are flash web-based games.

Where is the flying horse carousel located?

in your draems because their is not one

What is the tallest horse on HorseIsle 2?

The Shire is the tallest horse on Horseisle2.

What is Equus?

the scientific name for a horse horse^^^^^^horseisle answer it basicaly means horse in latin

Which draft horse is from France on HorseIsle?


What is the name of pecos horse on HorseIsle?


What is a really good horse mmorpg?


What are some good 3D horse games?


Where is the 09 HorseIsle holiday horse?

It moves around

How do you sell a horse on HorseIsle 2?

Price Sticker?

How do you do symbols on your horse's name on HorseIsle?


How do you gain intelegence for me horse on HorseIsle?

you do events with you horse and each raining session your horse gains expirence

On HorseIsle were do you go to groom your horse?

You can take your horse to a groomer, there is one in every town on Horse Isle.

What is the symbolic meaning of a carousel horse?

The carousel has many symbolic meanings. One meaning is the wheels of life and fortune, another is the innocents of youth.

What was the first horse called HorseIsle?

The first horse was called Eohippus.Aveline, Bay Server.

What happens when you whisper a horse on horseisle?

If there is a horse of that breed anywhere it will tell you the location for 50,000!