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you break the crate then u hook the gadget up to your right top gadget that looks like a DS

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Q: How do you complete EPF training in the command room?
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Where is the epf catolog in the epf command room on club penguin?

there is no catalog

Where is system defender on Club Penguin?

its in the EPF command room

Where is the game system defender located on clubpenguin?

EPF Command room

How do you get out of the epf command room?

You just click the exit button. You can also use your map.

How do you do EPF missions on Club Penguin?

After you become an EPF agent, when your phone rings, report to the command room and click the yellow field-ops screen.

Where is the torch in the boier room on mission 3 in club penguin?

Its not in there, its in the EPF command room, on the far right of the room. Hope this helps =D

What happens after you complete mission 10?

then...nothing else happens... you don't get a certificate of getting access to the command room! the only way to have access to the command room is to have a copy of the epf game an after that you get a code to have access in! but i do know another way getting in! you need penguin storm 9!

What is the epf in Club Penguin?

The Elite Penguin Force (Or EPF, For Short), Is A Secret Agency That Consists Of Specially-Trained Penguins Used To Complete Special Missions. Before, You Had To Buy The Game "Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force" For DS And Enter The Code Included. You Will Recieve A Diplomat Saying, "(Your Penguin's Name) Has Officialy Completed All Training For EPF" And Access To The Secret EPF Command Room. Now, You Can Just Go To Everyday Phoning Facility (Where The Sport Shop Used To Be) And Take The Test.

Why does the screen go funny in the epf command room on club penguin?

It doesn't, maybe its just your computer.

Where is the EPF training room?

in the everyday phoning facility. Where else??could not clearly understand question , sorry.

What is the the G's lab used for on club penguin?

Nothing till now. Its just a piece of decoration for the EPF Command Room.

How do you get in the command room without the game?

To do this first you need to know someone that has the clubpenguin EPF game on the ds it doesnt matter if the code is used just ask them to upload coins from the EPF game to your account and you have access to the command room in the sports shop where the fitting rooms are or you can just use your spy phone that you get with when you become an agent