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feed your pups and have your mate with you and wriggle about

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Q: How do you complete journey on wolf quest slough creek?
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Where is the secret den in wolf quest?

In slough creek

What is a slough wolf on WolfQuest?

a slough wolf is a pack leader on wolf quest 1 on single player or a member in the pack and on wolf quest two they have no slough wolfs they have a creek called slough creek but they might have one i cant find them or any packs on singer player on wolf quest 2 try finding a pack ok on multiplayer they have the creek only

In wolf quest slough creek is it possible to not get shot in the cattle ranch?

yes but to do that be careful

What does the star mean on wolf quest slough creek?

if you follow it, it will take you to the rendezvous site.

When does wolf quest slough creek come out?

Wolfquest slough creek is supposed to come out maybe at 11:59 p.m. December 31st and that's your answer for the day lol good bye to all

What are the quests in WolfQuest?

in wolf quest 1 the quest is to find a mate, but afther you do so theres not much to do but hunt or play multi player. in wolf quest 2 wich has not come out yet you have to make a pack and protect it train your pups hunt and keep your pack from getting killed umm that's it Quest 1 : Find a mate Quest 2 Slough Creek: Train your pups, feed your pups, take them on a journey, and make sure they are not killed. Slough Creek Quest 2 is now out! Go the Wolf Quest website to download it.

Were to find wolf quest slough creek?

It's out in fall 2009 (it should have been out in august but there was a delay)

Were is slough creek on wolf quest?

There are four dens in WolfQuest on Slough Creek. One is a rock-like den that's over on Saddle Meadows, one is another rock-like den on Aspen, one is a tree den over by Bison (the place, not the animals, hehehe), the last one (this is the "secret" den) is in the middle of the one near Bison and the river. I hope that helps you. :)

The second wolfquest is coming out in December?

the next episode of wolf quest (slough creek) is coming out before December 24th

When is the next wolfquest newsletter coming out?

The next episode of Wolf Quest is Slough Creek and its coming out August 2009 now.

What do you do after you have your pups in WolfQuest?

You raze your pups, take them to the other sided of Slough Creek then wait for Wolf Quest 3 to come out. Sucks doesn't it...

After you find a mate on wolf quest what do you do?

Well you actually do nothing until you download the second part. (Slough Creek aka Survival of the Pack)