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Cows and Cattle

How do you get to the cattle ranch in wolf quest?



What is a slough male?

In the wolf quest game a slough male is a male wolf who is part of the slough pack.


Is wolfquest 2.5 coming out in January 2011?

Estimations are no good, so I'll clarify this answer with a more direct and correct one. WolfQuest 2.5 was released October 6th 2011. It was updated on October 11th 2011, a mere five days after the initial release with bug patches.

For source information, please refer to the links provided below in the sources / related links area. This information comes directly from the WolfQuest Forum's "News & Announcements" board, where the WolfQuest Team keeps us updated on any episode development progress and more. ;)


Original contribution:

" its coming out probably in April ! "

Germany in WW2

How do you join a wolf pack in wolfquest?

When you enter first of all say hi then say may i join? That's it.If you are saying in single player its not possible unfortunately.

Edit: Removing irrelevant information from original answer.

If you are trying to join a pack in Multiplayer, the above answer should help.

If you are trying to join a pack on the WolfQuest forums, you need to visit Pack Central, read over the packs, and when you find one you want, read over the requirements (if there is any) and if you meet them, post a reply with their application (again, if there is one).


Why won't Wolfquest save my game after I did the first mission?

There is currently a saving bug during Amethyet Mountain. The link in the sources / related links section explains it in-depth.

It is caused by dying in the stranger wolf territory. While your dead avatar remains in the social arena, which is normally an area in which players cannot save, you will not be able to save even after respawning and moving away from the area.

There is no way to get rid of this error other than restarting or reloading. The glitch will need to be patched by the developers.

Warriors Book Series

Is there a warrior cats website like wolf quest?

There is a Warriors website, but it isnt like Wolf Quest. It would be cool if there was...


Why isn't my mate following me on WolfQuest?

1. Are you on Slough Creek? There your mate will not follow you. He will hunt for food and if you leave the den he will return. Otherwise, he periodically returns.

2. If you have a mate in Amethyst Mountain, you need to save, click new game, and go to Slough Creek and choose your saved game. It is okay if your mate does not follow you.


What do you do in WolfQuest Slough Creek?

1. Take your mate and find a den

2. Raise your pups as normal wolves would

3. Compete with rivals


Does wolf quest 3 have werewolves?

There is no "WolfQuest 3" in development at the time of writing.

This is simply a rumour called Midnight Pass that was a video on YouTube with some werewolf-like characters from Warcraft, I believe.

For details, please refer to the link below, which contains an official response from an official WolfQuest Team Member, Cana (WQ Coordinator) with details on the subject. For further clarification, WolfQuest is based in/around the Yellowstone National Park area; episodes' names are the focus of a specific area. Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek are both real areas of Yellowstone National Park; "Midnight Pass" is an invented name that doesn't exist in Yellowstone.

The evidence resides in Cana's previously-mentioned post.

Cheers! ^^


How do you get a albino pup in wolfquest?

Okay, first you should battle all the wolves in each territory on Amethyst Mountain. After that, Dispersal wolves will appear. Choose your ideal mate. Once that is done, check your EXP points, by hitting 'ESC' and clicking Pack Stats. Make sure you're EXP points are from 46,000 EXP to 48,000 EXP. Here's a little cheat if you don't want to hunt and dominate wolves too long. Save your game, the next step could go wrong. Go find a wolf, dominate it. Just as it says something, before it leaves, press ESC then click Pack Stats. Watch your EXP go up, I prefer to go up to 46,000 EXP. Close, then resume. The wolf will run away. So now, save you're game again and ESC and press New Game. Click Single Player and click 'Slough Creek'. Pick a den, mark your territory, try not to keep the EXP above 50,000 EXP. When you get your pups, go above 50,000 EXP and when you turn to your pups, one will be albino!




Any animal sims like wolfquest?

wolhome is cool :/


Can you see a human in wolfquest?

There are no humans in the game, with the exception of the cattle ranch owner (not seen; the only indication of their presence is a gunshot which kills with 100% accuracy) and man-made impacts found throughout Slough Creek.

A member of the WolfQuest community - Jazzman - created a map showing all human impacts found throughout the second episode. See sources/related links below for this map.


How do you make a wolfquest account for free?

All accounts are free. Just go to WolfQuest.org, click community then register. The admin will activate your account.


Will there be a wolfquest 3?

No, there will not be a Wolfquest 3. Currently there is only Wolfquest 2.5, they haven't mentioned any 3 yet. The newer one will be coming out before the end of 2011 and it will have, Lightning, weather and time, and i need a rest. That is all that is known.


What is a slough wolf in wolfquest?

natasha is the wolf god


Where can you download wolf quest 3?

There is no "WolfQuest 3" in development. Cana (WQ Coordinator) or Dave (loboLoco) will likely post a topic about any future release announcements/news on the forum or a newsletter will address the news.

Currently, due to a situation regarding the game's funding, there are no plans for WolfQuest's continued development. (See related links for the relevant topics to read.)


When is WolfQuest 2.5 coming out and what does it have?

WolfQuest 2.5: Survival of the Pack Deluxe (version 2.5.1 which includes a bug patch) was released on October 11th, 2011.

What's New in this Version

  • Winter!

    Wolves start preparing for pups before the snows have melted, and now WolfQuest represents this reality. You'll start Slough Creek in March, with late winter snows still covering the ground.

  • Weather!

    It's not always 75 degrees and sunny in Yellowstone. WolfQuest 2.5 adds snow, rain, thunder and lightning. You'll find that prey scent trails are muffled by rain. Note that weather effects can slow down the game on some computers, so you can always turn them off. Just go to Options: Game Settings and click on the Weather Effects toggle.

  • Changing Time of Day!

    Time passes for wolves just as it does for people - but in WolfQuest, you can control it! Press Z to go to sleep, choosing when to wake up: daytime, dusk, midnight, or dawn. (In Multiplayer, Time of Day is set initially by the game host and cannot be changed later.)

  • Rest and Sleep!

    Give your wolf a rest by pressing the R key, and R again to lay down. Go to sleep by pressing the Z key - and then decide how long you want to sleep.

  • Phrase Chat!

    A new option for multiplayer games, Phrase Chat limits all chat to canned words and phrases. You can construct sentences by selecting them one after another, then click Send. There are over 100 phrases available for safe, fun chatting for players of all ages.


Why won't wolfquest save?

in single it will but in multiplayer it won't.


When do you get the new wolfquest?


What wolf games that are 3d like wolf feralheart and wolf quest?

Well ive herd of wolfhome but don't try it it has bad langage in it i woldnt recomend wolf because it is very old and doesn't work on windows i would recomend canidus but it is coming really soon and let me know when the wolves of the beyond the video game comes out i love it


How do you beat the last mission on wolfquest?

When you see the hawk above you, keep all of your pups close very close (once the hawk has a pup there is no way to get it down).

Pick up one pup, and run a very small ways ahead. Do NOT turn your back to the pups! Back up a few steps and wait until your mate brings the rest of the pups to you.

The hawk will target one of your pups. When it gets close, charge at the hawk to make it fly away, it WILL come back and target another pup. DO NOT charge the hawk with a pup in your mouth. It will kill both pups.


22-10-2012 Edit: The trick to scaring away the hawk/eagle is to use the pup it targets as bait. The strategy differs per densite, so for example, if you chose Aspen Heights as your densite, you will have a longer run to the final site and more visits from the hawk/eagle. If you chose Saddle Meadows as your densite, then you'll have a shorter route to travel and fewer visits from the hawk/eagle. Slough Creek and Bison Peak densites both face the opposing wolf pack territory to go around, so for either den you'll need to use Sandbar crossing.

A useful tip: always have your food for pups bar maxed; this ensures your pups will follow you during the final journey. Your mate will ocassionally pick up and carry pups to you, but be warned that it may drop them into the creek, drowning them and killing the pup, so saving frequently and making short routes towards the final den may prove helpful.


Can you be a pup in WolfQuest 2.5?

No, the only new features to 2.5 are weather and time. It's not like a whole new episode.


What is White bloods on WolfQuest?

The whitebloods are Blackbloods worst threat and their leader is Fang. WhiteBloods are a very failish back on wolfquest. They rp very badly. I'd advise you not to join them. But, if you would wanna join a real epic pack, go to the Blackbloods, they can help you out on becoming better. :)


When do you get puppies on WolfQuest?

In episode two, slough creek, after you find a den and mark your territory.


Is there a glitch to go to Slough Creek before you finish Amethyst Mountain in Wolfquest?

Yes, There Is!

Here's How!

1. Open Wolfquest (Windowed)

2. Click "Multiplayer"

3. Click "Slough Creek"

4. Click "Go Back"

5. Click "Single Player"

6. Click "New Game"

7. Make Your Wolf

8. Click "Play Game"

There You Go! Have Fun In Slough Creek, You Cheaters:)

(Sorry if it doesnt work for some people. It should work, though :D)


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