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give a product a15 percent of selling price

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Q: How do you compute for the selling price of goods?
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Costs of goods sold is also called?

price at which goods are sold is called selling price

If I know the selling price and the margin I want to achieve what formula is used to calculate the price I need to buy the goods at?

Margin = (Selling Price - Cost) / Selling Price

What is the difference between the selling price and sold price?

You could offer a customer a discount on selling price therefore the price they buy the goods for (sold price) would be less than the selling price

How do you calculate selling price if you know cost and gross profit percentage?

Selling price = Cost of goods sold + Gross profit percentage on sales

What is the meaning of ex-factory price?

EX-FACTORY - Seller owns goods until they are picked up at his factory; selling price is the cost of the goods.

How do you find the selling price of a product?

You could find the selling price by searching online shops, or browsing through a retail shop. The selling price is what the goods are being offered for sale at. This is made up of the whole sale price that the shop buys in at (including discounts and special offers), and the mark-up the shop places on the price of its goods to be sold to the public.

How do you compute expanded withholding tax on sales of goods if there is discount?

compute nased on net sales

What is the meaning of ex factory?

EX-FACTORY - Seller owns goods until they are picked up at his factory; selling price is the cost of the goods.

What is the selling price of dairy milk i selling price to consumers ii selling price to retailer iii selling price to wholesaler?

selling price to whole seller.

Compute the current price of the bonds if the present yield to maturity is?

Compute the current price of the bond if percent yield to maturity is 7%

What is the definition of an effective price floor?

Government sets the minimum selling price and prices of goods are not supposed to fall below this price. This Causes Surplus and purchasers Overpay.

How do you compute ratios in airline business?

I've heard of price often being compared with passenger mileage to compute proper ticket price.

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