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How do you configure a PC to use two keyboards?

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why would you even need 2 keyboards??? are you dumb?

2006-08-23 16:40:27
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How to use One PC with two keyboard?

I dont think its possible, most computers only have 1 slot for keyboards.

What brands sell wireless keyboards with touchpads installed in them already so that I can use my PC the same way I use my laptop?

Logitechs sell those type of keyboards.

How are keyboards connected to a computer?

PC keyboards are nowadays connected by USB. Older PCs may have used PS/2 or even AT connectors. Industrial or computers with proprietary architecture may use special connectors for keyboards.

After your router is configured as DHCP server you can configure each PC on your network to use dynamic IP addressing.?

Yes, you can.

Where can one buy wireless keyboards for their PC?

One can purchase wireless keyboards for their personal computer via the websites for Amazon, Viking Direct, Tesco, PC World, Currys, Dixons and Apple.

Define how to be configure 100 PC at internate?

Answer: purchase high speed internet connection brodband. use two lan card on this PC. and one lan card connect directly internet connection wire. and another lan card wire connect in swith and share internet connection and then use.

What are the methods through which keyboards connect to a PC?

USB and PS/2

How can you play multiplayer in Guitar Hero 3 with two keyboards?

I've tried it ~ but it didnt work. i think have to buy the guitar contoller for the PC

Where can one purchase Microsoft keyboards?

Keyboards are computer input devices containing keys for inputting letters, numbers and characters. Keyboards manufactured by Microsoft are available from computer stores such as PC World or Currys.

How can you use internet in your cpmputer with the help of PC suite?

you can connect to your PC by various PC suites i will teach you how to connect to PC via Nokia PC suite 1)connect your cell via usb or a Bluetooth device 2)select PC suite or default mode 3)then select the icon with green globe (connect to internet ) 4)then select automatically configure or configure it 5)then click connect (wait for the dialog box to minimize automatically 6)then open your browser and happy surfing!!

How do you make PC-PC internet connection on LAN?

get a router. linksys is the best one out there. configure it and yo should be able to connect the other PC to it

How do you type Hebrew on a computer?

if you have a PC with Windows Vista or later, you just go to the control panel, region and languages, keyboards and languages, change keyboards, and then just add the Hebrew keyboard as an option. then can use the language toolbar to switch back and forth.

How does one replace PC keyboards?

You can replace PC keyboards by disconnecting the old one from the USB slot and plugging the new keyboard into the USB slot. There usually isn't any drivers or anything that you need to install, it's plug and play.

Is it possible to create a LAN connection with a PC to laptop and how?

A LAN connection usually goes through a network connectivity device, such as a hub or switch or a router. If you want to go directly from a PC desktop to a laptop use a cross-over cable to connect the two devices and configure the network settings appropriately.

Can you use a controller for call of duty modern warfare 2 on PC?

Yes but you will need a certain plug for it, not sure what it is and also you will have to configure all the buttons yourself

When you configure updates if the PC does not have and always up internet connection you migth want to select?

Notify me

What utility allows users to view and configure hardware and drivers in a Windows PC?

device manager

How can you configure controls for Player 2 on Spider-Man Friend or Foe for PC on the laptop?

It actually is two player on PC u just need to hav a xbox 360 controller for windows or controller or sumthin for player 2

Where can one purchase keyboards for computers?

You can purchase a keyboard for use with a computer from any good electronics retailer such as Best Buy in the United States or PC World in the United Kingdom. Alternatively both companies have official websites which sell things for home delivery, including keyboards.

You just added a external firewire hard drive to you PC what should you configure?

You need to format it, and check for errors (full scan including the disk surface). After you can just use it.

What is an ASUS Eee PC?

The BEST Netbook you will ever find! If you need BIG keyboards, go with the HP

How many keys of a desktop keyboard?

There is no standard computer keyboard, although many manufacturers imitate the keyboards of PCs. There are actually three different PC keyboards: the original PC keyboard, with 84 keys; the AT keyboard, also with 84 keys; and the enhanced keyboard, with 101 keys.

Do you need a PC in order for a laptop to work via a router?

A laptop is a PC. You don't need a desktop PC to configure a router, you can use a laptop to do so, by connecting to the router via a network adaptater - either via wifi or ethernet. Both ways of connecting are included on laptops nowadays.

Is it possible to connect a USB keyboard and a PS2 keyboard at the same time?

yes it is allowed the PC will accept two or more keyboards although the users can not all typing at the same time.

Are all computer keyboards interchangeable or should I look for keyboards geared specifically towards my brand of PC?

The brand doesn't matter.All keys have connections that will work on all save the oldest computers.