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If you're installing a new hard drive bios should automatically see the drive on start-up, if not go into set-up and option it for auto. As to how to get into set=up watch the boot-up screen, usually you press delete or f1 key. After changing the settings hit f10 and say yes to save the settings for your hard drive and reboot.

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Q: How do you configure the hard disk in bios?
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Samsung harddisk detect your system bios but not installed operating system and another slave disk so how to rectify your hard disk?

how to rectify samsung hard disk. detect BIOS don't detect another system for slave hard disk. then, not installed os.

What is the minimum hard disk that can be used to configure RAID 5?


What is a critical step when installing a second pata hard?

configure the bios settings to auto detect the master hard drive

How do you bring a computer out of bios when it boots up to an older hard drive with windows 2000 on it?

BIOS is looking for a boot sector. If the disk does not have a valid boot sector at the address which is also known by the BIOS, it won't boot from disk.

Which mode BIOS must be used for 10 GB hard drives?

If your 10GB hard disk is not detected, you dont need to change any bios mode. The motherboard will have problem detecting the hard drive. Search for your bios updates to get your hard drive detected.

If your boot disk won't load up how do you configure your BIOS to load it up before the hard drive?

press the power button of ur computer and keep on pressing the delete (.) button till the bios configuration utility loads logicwonder On a Compaq Presario 5155 I cannot get to bios I tried F1,F2,F10,Del,Pause all I get is setup.

Why is it not necessary to input information about a new hard disk into the BIOS after installation?

Modern BIOSes will automatically probe the disk controller for information about the hard drive. It may still be necessary to enter the BIOS to set the correct boot order, however.

How do you determine hard disk brand?

It is mentioned on top of the hard disk.. after detect it the bios setup shows the information..usually includes brand name or initial letters..

What tool can you use in Windows to configure and manage hard drives and RAID levels?

Disk Manager

How does motherboard recognize and configure the CPU?

When the BIOS Setup configuration jumper is set to configure mode and the computer is powered-up, the BIOS compares the CPU version and the microcode version in the BIOS and reports if the two match.

What do you use to configure the BIOS?

Anything that can read the BIOS chip. It can be a computer or microprogramming software and hardware.

Which message are you likely to see if the BIOS cannot find a hard drive at POST?

fixed disk error

What does PXE-MOF mean on your computer?

it means operating system not found....solution:check the boot sequence in the seems that your network card is above the hard disk in the boot sequence.keep the hard disk which is HDD0 in the top. Save and exit the BIOS. Reboot.

Is there an external hard disk with LAN support or network access storage with data reading via USB?

Yes. Any external hard disk should work. You will then need to configure it from the control panel.

What is inside a system unit for computers?

CPU-Central Processing Unit Motherboard Hard Disk CD Room Floppy Disk Memory Fan Bios

Why Intel Pentium 3 doesnt support 80gb hard disk?

Depending on your computer's BIOS, it might support or not a 7200RPM hard disk drive. Usually a Pentium 3 should support 7200RPM hard disks. I personally own a 800MHz Pentium 3 with a 160GB ATA hard drive and it worked without updating the BIOS(last updated in February 2000). So, a Pentium 3 should support newer hard drives but make sure your BIOS is at least from 1999 or 2000 since I don't think a 1995 or 1996 BIOS can handle a 7200RPM hard drive.

How to transfer data from one hard disk to another after changing the HD?

Hi ! If the old disk is OK strap it as SLAVE and connect it to the same bus cable that goes to the new disk. The new disk must be strapped as MASTER. Start your PC and have a look in BIOS setup that BIOS has recognized the old disk.Exit BIOS setup, continue BOOT and copy all your favorite files. NOT OS FILES. Regards Bo

If a hardrive has a login password will formatting erase hardrive?

Some laptops provide a utility to lock a hard disk with a password. These passwords are not the same as BIOS passwords. Moving a locked hard disk to another machine will not unlock it, since the hard disk password is stored in the hard disk firmware and moves with the hard disk. Also, adding a new (unlocked) hard disk to a locked machine may cause the new hard disk to become locked. Also, note that hard disk lock passwords cannot be removed by reformatting the disk, fdisk or any other software procedure (since the disk will not allow any reads or writes to the disk, it cannot be reformatted.)You can test to determine if your hard disk is locked by attempting to access it in another laptop.

What is the functions of AMI in the computer?

AMI stands for American Megatrends Incorporated. They are a computer BIOS manufacturer. The ROM BIOS is needed to give the computer the very basic commands and services it needs to start. The BIOS tests and initializes the hardware and provides BIOS services for software to use. Along with the BIOS is the CMOS which allows you to setup and configure the computer and to recognize the hard drives.

What devices are controlled by the system BIOS?

A computer BIOS initializes and tests the CPU, RAM, chipset, video card, keyboard, hard drive, optical disk drive, floppy drive, and interrupt handlers. Additionally, the bios will check ports on a computer.

What waits for windows 7 to save your work and then turns off the computer fans and hard disk?

The motherboard of the PC, which is operated by the BIOS.

Maximum hard disk capacity a processor can address?

The processor has no bearing on the size of the hard drive that can be used in the system. This is determined by the motherboard chipset, the operating system, and the BIOS.

When you first install a hard drive or an OS you will want the bios to attempt to first boot from?

Once the hard drive is installed in the computer, you must fdisk then format it the way you want. Next, you should set the bios to boot from the OS installation disk.

The process of upgrading or refreshing the ROM bios chip is called bios?

The process of upgrading or refreshing the ROM BIOS chip is called flashing BIOS. The power menu in BIOS setup allows you to configure automatic power saving features.

When I start my computer it says boot from Cd what do i do?

Simply u have to do some bios settings. When u start ur pc press f12 or Del (which is used for bios menu) after it u have to select boot disk priority to hard disk from cd rom. problem will be solved