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You will need a USB cable, type A to Mini-B.

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How do you transfer files to the PSP from the computer?

get a psp-usb cable attach to the top of your Psp and then your computer usb slot, it will then be in your computer, there you can access it

How do you send games from your compueter to your PSP?

Buy a psp USB cable plug in to psp and computer it will be in my computer

How do you charge a PSP from a computer?

You plug the PSP into the computer using a USB cable.

How do you start PSP?

I will connect my psp to the computer

Can you play a psp game on your computer without a psp i know that you can play a game boy advance game on the computer but what about the psp?

yes, with a "psp emulator"

How do you put gta 4 on your PSP by a computer?


Does a PSP come with a camera?

It does not but you can hook it up to your computer and download the photos that you have on your computer and download them into your PSP.

How you can play PSP games on your computer Without PSP?

You don't.

How do you download a PSP game in PSP using your computer?

You don't use a computer, you connect to the PSN using the PSP itself, you purchase and download games straight from there.

How can one watch a video on their PSP?

One can watch PSP videos that are already on the PSP device by simply selecting the video from the main menu. To put a video on a PSP, simply connect the PSP to a computer and drag a UMD or MP4 file from the computer to the PSP dock.

How do you put iso games on my psp?

download them on the computer then sync them on to your psp

Left 4 dead PSP?

you can connect your psp to your computer and transfer all the files to the psp and that should do it

Can you put a PSP game onto your computer?

no cuz psp games are only made for psp devices.

Can you download a game on your PSP by installing it from your computer onto your PSP?

No, you download them straight from the PSN using the PSP.

Why doesn't my psp show up on my computer when i plug it in?

once you plug your PSP into the computer with a USB cable you have to turn on your PSP and click on USB connection under settings

What are psp emulators used for?

PSP emulators are used when a PC player wants to play a PSP game on the computer. Since PSP discs can't be inserted in a computer, one can download an emulator and run the program there.

Can you put music from your PSP to the computer?

well yes it depends though if you have a usb cable that plugs in from psp to computer. here are the steps. 1. get your psp 2. have the usb cable lugged in to psp and computer 3. have psp on 4. click usb connection from settings in psp menu 5.wait.... 6. on computer your psp folders will pop up 7. click on psp then music and if you have music on there click on it and drag it out onto the desktop 8. then it will show u then you will just need to clikc on it and it should play.

How do you upload pictures from a computer to a PSP?

To get pics on your psp you hook up your 2.0 usb to the usb port on the psp and the computer you open up psp document which is under my computer then go to the removable disc drive that it is under and open folder(photo) drag the photos you want to the photo folder opened for the psp and it will download them to it.

Your PSP is not noticed by your windows computer it says it is connecting on PSP what should you do?

You can probably try connecting again.Select usb connection on your psp after you've connected the usb cable from your psp to computer.If your computer still don't detect your psp, you should probably try to use another usb cable and see if it works or not.

How do you win a PSP?

To get a PSP you have to type in your computer psp competitions then there would be some questions and then answer it and you ll win one

Can a PSP download computer programs?


Can you charge a psp on a computer?


Can a psp give a computer a virus?


Where to find the iso folder in your computer when you pulg your psp in to the computer?

you mean on your psp? or on your computer. on the psp its in the root it should be like e:/iso if not. 1:) is your psp modded 2:) did you try making a folder called iso 3:) format your memory stick

How do you downlaods psp 3000 games in computer?

You don't use the computer, you connect the PSP directly to the PSN, to purchase and download games from there.